Contains notes from Brian Pratt’s  (BP) experience in 2012 and 2011 and Dave Dellarco (DD) before that and has been pretty well updated by Pete Ramels from the 2013 and 2014 events.  These quantities (for 2011) were for about 60 scouts and 10 Leaders (counting Mike Collier).  We have pretty much kept to these amounts.  This is about shopping for the T186 friendly fire root beer float blowout, and the foil-packet in-camp dinner which is done the same night, usually midweek.

Read this through, now - there are some things you need to line up as much as three weeks beforehand, like big fish coolers and reserving kegs and checking local ice cream stocks.

In Camp Dinner Shopping List – Cash n Carry off of 130th near Aurora Should have Everything.  Here is the contact information.

Cash and Carry




206 364 1733

Mon-Sat 7a-7p Sun 8a-5p

A-1 (minimum 3 Costco size bottles - about 15 oz each for total about 45 oz)
Montreal Seasoning (1 lg bottle or 2 med - but for
2015 none because we have leftover)
Mrs. Dash's Seasoning (1 Lg - but for 2015 none because we have lefto
Rib Eye BBQ sauce or other brand (
about 64 oz)

Heinz 57 Steak Sauce (2 Large bottles about 24 oz altogether)

NOTE: when you arrive make sure the scout cooks know these sauces exist!  It can get lost in the shuffle, money down the drain.

2 LG (huge) bags of carrots..industrial size or 4  2lb bags - So 8 lbs altogether
2 10 lb bags   potatoes
1 big bag of onions - arou
nd 20 lbs
2 heads of celery
bag of flour or bisquick (thickener) (bisquick preferred)
An additional
8 lb of hamburger
HEAVY DUTY FOIL (3 big rolls from grocery or 1 huge  

  industrial from cashncarry - Check storage locker first we have leftover rolls.   These need to be the extra long variety)

CHARCOAL - Extra Large Bags (4 total)
 - regular sized bottles (ideally non-alcohol-based so it gets used instead of burnt)

The best quality steaks you can find for the Scoutmasters (spare no expense !!)

Root Beer Extravaganza Shopping List & Notes


Call “The Rootbeer Store” located at 20015 Hwy 99 Suite G, Lynnwood, WA 98036,

telephone number 425-673-9999 (there is also a Redmond location).  The Lynnwood store is very convenient for catching the ferry in Edmonds to go to Kingston.  Ask them which rootbeer they recommend for floats.  

Call at least 3 weeks in advance to make sure they have a keg for you.  You want a “half barrel” (standard sized) keg which is 15.5 gallons.  You don’t want a “pony keg”, that’s too small.  
Cost (in 2012) is $
110 plus tax.
Taps are for
loan at $45 deposit, but troop owns one.  So you do not need a tap.  But bring the tap in when you pick it up so they can confirm it fits.  

A deposit of $50 is required for the keg.

The Routine:

Make sure you have called well ahead of time as indicated above to reserve the rootbeer keg and vanilla ice cream, and to confirm that Cash and Carry will have dry ice.  Have you car loaded with the empty coolers and garbage can, as well as the keg tap, ice cream scoops and any other items from storage locker.  

On Wednesday morning figure out what ferry you want to catch, and set your timing. I tried to catch the noon or 1 pm ferry.  It takes about 3+ hours to get everything together.  First, go to Cash and Carry.  Buy all the provisions.  Put the dry ice in the fish coolers with the ice cream.  And put the extra ice cream with dry ice for Ecuadorians in another cooler.  Fill up the extra coolers with bags of crushed ice.  I think Cash and Carry has those, but if not you can get them from the nearby Albertsons.  Also, if for some reason Cash and Carry does not have some of the other items, you can pick those up at Albertson’s as well.  

Drive to the Rootbeer Store.  Put 2-3 bags of ice on the bottom of the garbage can.  I opened the bags and poured the ice in.  Set the keg on top of the ice.  Then pour whatever remaining ice you have around the keg.  Then drive to a local grocery store - there is an Albertsons north of the Rootbeer store on the opposite side of Aurora Avenue.  Buy additional ice to put around the keg if there is still empty space.  Fill to the top edge of the keg if possible.  Also put unopened bags on top of the keg.  There is some controversy about the ice.  BP reports it is good to keep ice in the bag because then it is easier to remove the keg at Parsons and transport it separately.  Pete could never figure out how to keep the ice in the bags.  So I broke it free.  The boys just all ganged up to carry the really heavy garbage can filled with the keg and ice.  The camp has been kind enough to let us use a truck to transport up to camp.  

After you top off the ice head for the ferry.  

When you get to camp just let the senior scout know you have arrived and they will take it from there.  I would generally check in and make sure they were keeping the ice cream cold and setting up the keg properly.  But they really don’t need much if any supervision.  Dave Dellarco has given them direction on getting set up in the past.

A big PS is that you will also be resupplying the burger bar, which is why it is probably good to have 3 extra coolers beyond the two fish coolers.  And this takes a lot of room.  Make sure you have enough room to stand the garbage can upright.  A minivan is ideal.