I ask that you have a back-up (someone you can call if I am sick or if your child is sick). If I get sick I will let you know as quickly as possible so that you can make other arrangements for your child. I try to call the night before, but sometimes that's impossible. If I wake up sick, I usually call as soon as possible!

I will not care for a child who is feverish. If he has thrown up or had diarrhea within the last 24 hours please keep him home. Please wait 24 hours.  If he/she has a green discharge from his nose he must be on an antibiotic for 24 hours before he can attend or have  a “back to school” note from the doctor.

Some signs your child is too sick to attend:

Fever,Conjunctivitis (pink eye) or "cold in the eye”, Flu symptoms, Unusual rash, Severe cough, Rapid breathing or labored breathing, Severe cold, Vomiting, Yellowish skin or eyes, Diarrhea, Head lice, too ill or tired to participate in daily activities.

I will not accept the child for care if any of the above symptoms are present or have been present within the last 24 hours. If the child shows any of the symptoms while in care, I will remove him from the group and notify the parent or authorized adult to pick up the child.

The child is welcome when he has only a mild cold (e.g. runny nose or mild cough), but is able to participate in the day's activities.

I know that this seems like an inconvenience but I have to consider the health of all the children.


If your child is on medication and it needs to be administered while he is at day care, the medicine must be in the original container and labeled with the child's name, doctor's name, name of medication, dosage, and when to be taken. I also need a signed note stating that I have permission to give medication.

Absentee and Late Policies


I ask that your child be here by 8:00 am so that we may start “class” together without interruptions. If you are going to be late dropping your child off; please call, text or email to let me know. Also if your child will not be in attendance on a day, please let me know as soon as possible also a reason would be appreciated (if they are sick then I need to do some extra sanitizing).

Late fees:

Your child is to be picked up at 6:00pm (unless customized schedule).  If you are going to be late please notify me as soon as you can (I understand if you work in an emergency field that you may not be able to be made until things calm down… but I need a call as soon as you can). I understand that unavoidable events occur and offer a 3 strikes forgiveness policy. After the 4th time that you are 15 minutes late picking up your child, a late pick up fee with be added to tuition in the amount of 10 dollars.


Sick and vacation days:

If your child is absent a day for sickness  then you may deduct 5 dollars for each day that he/she is not in attendance.

If I am sick and can not watch your child then there will be no charge for that day.

I offer one week of a free tuition for vacation. You can have up to one week a year free. if your family vacations two weeks, the second week will be half price. After the second week is full price.