Preliminary Technology Plan

Mathias Oesterlund


Max. 200.000 Uniques

I would like to use a Danish/European hosting company – because my side will be European, they are working in same timezone as my readers, they are easy to call and that's is what I'm familiar with.

To begin with I have bought a webhotel at a shared hosting company called They are originally danish but are now international. I have used them in a couple of years and their service is reasonable and cheap. But when the site gets big, the load-time gets slow.

In the future I will need a dedicated hosting service. I know one firm called, which is trusted an used by a couple of online-newspapers in Denmark. They can deliver a dedicated server from about $200-300.

Public Site

On the public entrance site I will start using Wordpress as my CMS. That means I need to have PHP and MySQL on the server, and that is available on both of the above hosting companies. As the plan is right now, I will be the only employe in the first year, and I need a good simple system that I can get to work. I have experience with customizing Wordpress. To keep things cheap that would be my starting-point. To start with it will only be a blog with a few more sites with few data.

As time go I will need more advanced programming and probably a more advanced system than Wordpress.


I'm thinking to make a paid subscription-newsletter. The newsletter is supposed to be send to the subscribers in a e-mail, but to secure that it want be shared to easily I think I have to just send the newsletter as a link to a site with a login-page – to prevent that I will make a newsletter with one subscriber and 1000 readers. (TBD)


I have some dreams about data-collection as well from the users but that won't be within the first couple of years. (TBD)

I will definitely have to make the public site available on mobile and pads. I've heard through market research that a lot of the members of the members of the European Parliament use iPads. They are an important part of my target group so the iPad-application should probably be one of the first things, that I need to get developed.