Uxue lives in Balmaseda.

She is 11 years old.

She plays the piano very well.

The piano is a string instrument          

By Galder

Nerea lives in Balmaseda.

She sings and dances brilliantly.She plays the TXISTU very well.Nerea likes pop music and Basketball.Txistu is wind instrument.

By Adriana

Richard Clayderman lives in France.He plays the piano very well.The piano  is the family

of string instrument.


Martin  lives in Laredo.He is 75 years old. He is married with Loli. He plays the accordion brilliantly.The accordion is wind instruments.

By Goizane

Fito lives in Gernika        . He is 45 years old. He plays the guitar very well.The guitar is a string instrument.Fito is my friend.

by Naia

Leire lives in Balmaseda.She is 9 years old she plays the harmonica very well.The harmonica is a wind instruments.