Staff Applications

THE CHIMES // Staff Writer

Applications due ASAP to The Chimes office, located in the Upper SUB

or via email to Melissa Hedrick at

Label each page with your name, major, phone, email and year.

  1. What section are you interested in being the staff writer for? (News, Opinions, Features, A&E)

  1. What is your projected date of graduation?

  1. Do you feel comfortable taking orders from and pitching to a section editor?

  1. What is your vision for the section you are applying to? How will your writing improve that section?

  1. The Chimes is a web-first publication, meaning content must be generated, edited and uploaded almost every day. As a staff writer, you would be important to that process. How would you work with quick turnaround times and pressing deadlines?

  1. This position will require you to write  every week. How does that fit with your schedule? (Please include schedule and availability.)

  1. How familiar are you with web programs such as Google Docs and Wordpress?

  1. What would you say is your greatest strength and your biggest weakness?

  1. What unique skills, talents, etc. will you bring to the newsroom?


  1. What are the most important parts for a story in your section?