Devyn Ely

Mrs. West

5th hour

Persuading the American People

        President Obama projects strong encouragement in creating jobs for the American people, on this topic many middle class citizens should agree.  He discusses the facts about the jobs gained in America recently and his plans for the future.  Showing his plans points to the fact that there is more to be done by Obama and that he will need support during the upcoming election in order to continue bringing jobs to this country.  The influence that Obama has had with the working Americans only goes to show what can be accomplished in his reelection by bring about new jobs, or even better, bringing them back home for over seas. 

“In 2008 the house of cards collapsed,” Americans were out of work when the rescission hit.  Then, Obama took office and the jobs and boost to the economy he brought to the country was substantial.  The statistics are plane: “In the last 22 months, businesses have created more than three million jobs... American manufactures are hiring again and creating jobs since the late 1990’s.”  Obama rebuilt the working class in this country and will, hopefully, continue to do so in the future.

Many disagree with Obama’s methods concerning job creation, in all honesty, the more people working the better prepared America is against another economic downturn.  However, they are misled by the skeptics on the political stage.  Obama’s main goal is to help America get back to work this is why it takes up roughly 20% of his speech.  Moreover, this time frame allows him to go into detail about how he can change America into a better country,  with a stable economy and  working Americans.  Everyone wants the same result : get people back to work.