From:  Heather Meehan

1 lb.                 ground beef

1 tsp                minced garlic

1 ½ c.                chopped onion or onion flakes

1 can                 tomato paste (12 oz)

28 oz                crushed tomatoes

1 c.                water

14 oz                beef broth

1 tsp                oregano

1 tsp                basil

1 tsp                 onion salt

1 tsp                thyme

1 tsp                Italian seasoning

¼ c.                parsley

½ tsp                sugar

1 Tbsp        olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

1 bag                frozen ravioli

Brown hamburger in large pot.  Add all ingredients, except ravioli.  Bring sauce to a boil.  Simmer 10 minutes.  Pour into bag or container to freeze.

To serve:  Thaw and put sauce in large pot.  Bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer 30 minutes.

Thaw and cook ravioli according to package directions.  Drain and add meat sauce.