Nicole DeSalvia- Lab A2

Volleyball Bump Transcript

So how many of you guys are so sick of winter already? (to class)

Every single one! I cant wait to get out and play volleyball and have some fun, have a little leisure activity.

Um today I’m gonna show you guys how to do a bump pass


So you want to partner up, and I know we’re gonna have a group of three

Um someone can be partners with me and demo

Anyone wanna do that?

Any volunteers?

Sure thanks! Okay

What we’re gonna start off doing is taking one knee, one knee

Start like this

Put your hands out out

Palms  like that

You really wanna focus on having your forearms as a flat surface

Can anyone tell me whats gonna happen if i receive a pass with this arm up r this arm up?


So what you wana do is make sure you’re hands are flat

come here and go like this

Sitting on one knee we’re gonna work on our forms in our arms

for now and once you guys are comfortable with that we’ll move on

so you’re gonna have one person as a tosser

make sure you  get a good toss, you don’t want it to be too high where she has to catch it on her chest

you want it in a good spot and bump it right back to your partner

good. good job.

Okay so everyone partner up and grab a ball, we’re gonna do ten each

and then after that we’ll switch you guys up

make sure you’re aware of whats around you

lets spread out

you guys can take up space over here

stay a good distance away just about where we were

Just across from each other

Use you're forearms less with your hands (to partner)

Okay once you get to ten switch your partner

Alright good job guys, I'm gonna walk around

Make sure you switch after ten in a row

its important to not hit it so much with your arms, its not in your arms as much as your legs

so try to absorb the ball and have a nice clean pass

good, nice job.

Okay once you’re done with ten lets spread out and give you guys a little more room

we’re gonna work on standing and bumping back and forth continuously

you wanna work on control, remember you wanna keep your legs bent most of your power is coming from your legs

gimme a toss

you don't wanna, you wanna keep your legs bent then straighten them

you don't wanna do one of these, its not your arms

its your legs and a push, like that

so partner up and see how many you guys can do in a row

be aware you guys might wanna move down a little bit so you’re not having balls flying at you

you guys can take up space too

lemme see how many you guys can get in a row alright?

keep control you don’t have to put too much power in it

if you’re too far away you can move closer

good good job

you wanna get as much repetition is as possible

good job

use your legs a little bit more frank, less with the arms less jumping and pus up like that

good job

lets ee how many you guys can get in a row, who’s counting them


lets go for a few more and then we’re gonna bring it in



alright guys lets bring it in in here, put the balls down

good job

alright can some of you guys tell me what some of the cues are for doing a bump?


forearms up correct.

what else

flat surface?



Athletic stance yep.

I saw a couple times people are doin a little jumping and using your arms a little more, you kinda just want to absorb it and use your legs push like that, you don’t wanna do one of these

and our passes our pretty good as long as we keep our arms flat they usually go where they’re supposed to go.