Uh my name is Mr.LeBlanc and I am going to be your instructor today.

Today we are going to go over the uh basics of basketball.

Dribbling and passing.

Bounce pass, chest pass, dribbling with the dominant hand and non-dominant hand.

So can I have everybody grab a basketball real quick and go back where you started.

Uh alright everybody have a basketball, don’t dribble the ball while I am talking please.

Is anyone here right handed? Any left handed people? Alright that’s your dominant hand.

Ok so we are going to go like this get in this position.

Like this…

Crouching down.

Put the hand without out the ball like this.

Dribble like this.

Dribble 10 times then stop.

Now this time do it trying to look straight ahead.

Ok alright

Now lets see if you can do it with the non-dominant hand.

Now do it 10 times with the other hand and watch the ball the first time.

Alright now do the same thing again with the non-dominant hand looking straight ahead.

Alright now lets try a crossover.

In a crossover you start with your dominant hand and you go over to the other one.

If you need to start off looking at the ball go ahead.

Cross it over 5 times.

Now lets work on passing. uhm everybody get a partner

Theres an odd number so who doesn’t have a partner

Can you guys go right there on the blue line

 Alright a  chest pass

Hold the ball with both hands and step forward and push

Alright the bounce pass

The same thing except pick the middle point between you and partner so you go there

Ok everybody line up


Wait actually everybody line up on this line

What I want you to do is dribble down and crossover and come back.

Ok everybody set? Go ahead.

Alright uh just for fun everybody see if you can go backwards back down