Learning Design Plan

Engaged and empowered children learn more.  When children and teachers co-create curriculum, investment and learning grows.  How can teachers design learning events that foster student engagement, voice and acquisition of essential skills, content and knowledge in deep and meaningful (“life-changing” - Keene) ways.

At the elementary level, we want to engage students in skill-specific learning events as well as project based learning which gives students the opportunity to integrate and practice those skills in meaningful, 21st century/life-long learning ways.

The template below offers teachers and students a format for planning learning endeavors big and small.



  • create Google “kit”
  • prep essential skills information
  • gather materials
  • look at ways to effectively prepare/engage  students for/with the project topic.
  • Prep vocabulary in meaningful ways
  • Create project resource center.


Introduce with engaging, high interest materials. Tap into students’ emotions, experiences. Use narrative and good questions ie. paradoxical, perplexing or unexpected

Rationale: Why learn it? Will it make a difference?

How will learning this topic affect you and others as life long learners and successful people?

Prior-Knowledge: What do you already know about this topic? How does this topic connect to your life?

Essential Questions: What do you want to learn about this topic?

Teachers and students establish essential questions together.

Goals: What do we hope to achieve by engaging in this topic?

Set specific goals with students including an end product/outcome goal.


Specific Learning Goals

Learning Plan

What is the best way to learn about this topic/project?  Draft a step-by-step plan beginning with the final product and working backwards.

People, Materials, Tools and Environment

What people, materials, tools and environment(s) do we need to learn the topic and/or complete this project?


How will we assess, reflect, revise and redirect this project as we move along?

What will we be looking at and for as we assess the project?

Presentation, Teaching, Sharing

To learn well means that you’re able to teach, present or share the information with others.  Who will you share this information with and how?  Why did you choose this audience and how will it affect the “voice” and perspective you give to your work?

Important design article to consider: http://teacherleaders.typepad.com/the_tempered_radical/2012/03/googledocs-digitalkits.html

Learning Design Template

Digital Kits for Student Projects

Project Details

Devlin Project Details

Coming to America Text for Reading Response Practice

(book/video available in the library)

Goodbye 382 Shin Dang Dong text for open response

(book available in library--takes place in Brighton, MA)

The Gold Threaded Dress background slide show