Abiding Grace Lutheran Church

Launch Team meeting September 2, 2010

Attendees:  Phil and Sally Hart, Nick Billardello, Kenn Mingus, Susie Henning, John Nelson, Sue Dalbout, Patti Langsdale  (possibly others – not sure)

Phil opened with a devotion from Philemon.

Lessons Learned

Thanks to Tim and his assistant, we had wonderful name badges.  Sally is going to create blank cards for plastic nametags for visitors or new members.  Dee made a wonderful nametag board.

Kim will buy more offering envelopes.

Rally Day

Postcards were created by Tim -- thanks again to Tim!  We will have an 8:45 set-up time that day.  We need to invite others to join us.

Susie, Dee, Julie N., and Pat M. will be the "Banners and Paraments" team.  

Finance and Stewardship

Nolan and Carl presented the finance report.  

Plan to recognize charter members of Abiding Grace (SAWC) at service in early Oct. after Synod Councils approves SAWC.

Affirmation Sunday will be October 3rd.  Phil is in charge of this and has already created a membership form.  Phil will email Tim about calligraphy for charter for chapel.

Everyone who no longer wants to retain membership at LWLC should request to be removed from the rolls; they could also tell LW that they are transferring to Abiding Grace.

Other Topics

We will add assisting ministers starting on September 12th.  John Nelson with be on 9/19 and Sue Dalbout will be AM on 9/26.  The AM will do the prayer of the day and readings.

The Choir, named "Lift Every Voice" will debut on September 12th.  

Newspaper ads have been booked for 1 month.

We need to purchase rollers for one of the pianos.  Sue will contact Tonya to see about her piano and check size for rollers.  

We are doing Confirmation with Calvary on Wednesdays.  

Greeters will be in charge of nametags and “time and talent” sign-up forms.

Nick asked “what is our theology”?  We should explore that.

He and Michelle will be Godparents for their nephew and be gone on Reformation Sunday, October 31.  

His mother-in-law and father-in-law plan to join Abiding Grace.

Next launch team meeting will be Thursday, September 16th.