East Parish Housing Ministry Board Meeting of August 1, 2012

The meeting of East Parish Housing Ministry Board was called to order on August 1, 2012 at 5:10 PM at The Camp at the Eastward by acting-Chair Karen Mayer, in the absence of the Chairperson, and Vice-chair.

Those in attendance were: Deb Ashby, Darrell Dyke, Dori Fellman, Vicci Hamel, Cindy Kimball, Karen Mayer, Tricia Wurpel, and Amy Palmer.

Vicci Hamel opened the meeting with prayer.

The minutes of the July 11, 2012 meeting of East Parish Housing Ministry Board were emailed/read to Board members. There being no corrections or changes, a motion was made to accept the minutes as written. It was seconded and carried.

A letter of resignation from the EPHM Board was received from Mike Simone.

Executive Directors Report~ Dori Fellman

Dori reported bank balances in the following areas:

Housing balance is $13,429.44 with payroll and payroll taxes current. Two more workmans comp payments are due along with the cost of supplies for construction materials. Dori noted that a generous donation of $1,000 was received from Chris Carter as well as a $2,000 donation from the Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit Benevolence Fund. We are sincerely grateful for their generosity.

Food Cupboard balance $2768.78 with all bill current. Again, Chris Carter donated $1,000 to the food cupboard. Cindy is obtaining quotes for our insurance and was given a copy of the current policy for her to use for comparison.

Ernie Hilton was contacted concerning the liability on the community kitchen. Kyes Insurance was also contacted and any increase due to the Industry Community Kitchen would be the responsibility of the Industry Community Kitchen.

Jeremy Hamel has been posting the minutes of the meetings on the website and will continue to do so. Dori was also added as an administrator to the website.

Allentown Presbyterian has reserved August 4-10 for next year and will have about 50 people. They will be staying at UMF. Holy Spirit will be staying the week before.

To generate interest in East Parish Housing Ministry and promote more work groups in coming to Maine, a newsletter has been suggested. Stephen Row has volunteered to put one together for us if we give him the content. This would be distributed to the various churches that have come in the past. A motion was made to go forward with Stephen Row's offer to format a quarterly newsletter for the EPHM. The members of the EPHM Board would submit material and distribute the newsletter. The motion was seconded and carried.

The work groups and homeowner sites are going very well this week.

Food Cupboard~ Cindy Kimball

Cindy relayed to the Board that 37 cases of surplus arrived on July 19.

Paperwork on Phase 30 has been submitted to Diane Wright. Nothing has been approved but the paperwork is there so she has it when needed and approved.

Truman Tracy trimmed the branches under the large Box Elder tree near the Starks Food Pantry.

Cindy noted that Norridgewock Food Pantry pays @ $600 per year for insurance. She and Deb Ashby will review the current policy and cone back with a recommendation for the Board. They will also look at the the Workman's Comp insurance to see if the cost can be lowered.

August 10 and 11the will be the dates of collection at the next event at Harry Brown's Farm. Amy and Dan have offered to help. Karen Mayer thought she may be able to help also.

Amy reported that she is exploring the possibility of picking up bread and bakery items from the Hannaford in Farmington for the food cupboard. She hope to have information on this for the next meeting.

Old Business~ Mike Simon submitted his letter of resignation dated August 1, 2012. A motion was made to accept the letter of resignation with regret and gratitude for his many years of service and friendship to the EPHM Board and the surrounding communities. His presence will be greatly missed. The motion was seconded and carried.

New Business~ It was suggested that the EPHM Board hold a spring and fall event at either the Industry Town Hall or Starks Community Center to promote and educate the community on the EPHM mission and ministries. Dates for availability will be checked at the Industry Town Hall and Starks Community Center so we can explore the options in planning events.

There being no other business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 6:00 PM. It was seconded and carried.