Technology Hardware plan 2010-2014

The Technology Committee is committed to our 4 year computer replacement schedule.  With each year, our schools provide better access to curriculum and a wider range of opportunities for our students to learn with current technologies.  The funds made available in 2012 will bring us very close to eliminating obsolete computers from our schools!

For  2012/2013 the Technology Committee recommends that we continue with our schedule of replacement as well as our Mimio interactive classroom project.  In our first year, we added four interactive classrooms, 2 in each school.  Teachers in the program received 2 trainings, one from Mimio, and one from a master teacher.  All teachers report using the new equipment daily, and are very enthusiastic about the experience for both teachers and students.  For the coming year The Tech Committee would like to fund four more classrooms.  

  1. Proposed interactive technologies
  1. Based on our experience this year, the team proposes that we purchase four Mimio Teach bars, four MimioPads, four MimioVote student response systems,  as well as four short throw projectors with wall mounting hardware.  
  2. The Professional Development Committee has agreed to devote another 1,200 dollars toward Mimio traning efforts.  This is critical to the success of our project.  .  

  1. Schedule for replacement of computer resources

The four year computer replacement schedule requires purchasing 50 computer annually.  2012/13 will be our third year of this strategy, which means that 75 percent of the schools computer resources will be of a current and useful specification. The proposed computers purchased will go toward replacing 35 classroom workstation at Hatfield Elementary, and 13 workstations at the Smith Academy Learning Commons.  

July 2012/13

50 desktops – replaces 6+ year old machines in HES classrooms and 5 year old machines in Smith learning commons or administrative machines as needed.

July 2013/14

25 desktops, 25 laptops – replaces old administrative machines and 5 year old laptops at HES

  1. Infrastructure upgrades

2 years ago we upgraded the wireless access points at Smith Academy to respond to the rapid trend towards mobile computing and the Virtual High School program.  Access improved dramatically, but use has risen as well.  This year we will have over 50 students taking classes through VHS that otherwise are not not offered at Smith Academy.  The extra use is focused in the Learning Commons and would greatly benefit from one addition access point.  

  1. Budget (with options)
  1. Computer replacement

  1. 50 Dell Optiplex 745 Desktops        17,500

  1. Meraki Wireless Access Point


  1. MIMIO products
  1.  2 MimioTeach bars        1,600
  2.  2 MimioVote systems        3200
  3.  2 MimioPads        800
  4. 2 Ben Q short throw projectors        1,000
  5.  2 wall mount systems        600

  1. Subtotal        25,200

  1. Option for Mimio expansion (recommended by committee)
  1. 2 MimioTeach bars        1,600
  2.  2 MimioVote systems        3200
  3.  2 MimioPads        800
  4. 3 Ben Q short throw projectors        1,500
  5.  2 wall mount systems        600

  1. Total with option        32,900

The replacement budget is an annual expense that will refresh our most heavily used hardware every four years.  This simply maintains our current level of technology and ensures that it functions well enough to encourage its use by teachers and students.  The practice of annual replacement accounts for advancements made in software, hardware and other resources that are vital to providing a quality education.  This budget does allow for some re-allocation as needs arise. Expanding our technology offerings to include interactive whiteboards or other emerging technologies, however, may require funding beyond this annual replacement cost.