Monday, September 10, 2007

Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room

ATTENDANCE:  Larry Roberts, Jerry Horsager, Mary Freeman, Dianne Salmela, Lou Schultz, John McKinney, Stu Hamilton and Marlene Stock

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called or order by Larry Roberts, President

A welcome was extended to all members present.

MINUTES:  Minutes of the August 13, 2007 LLAA Board meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Lou Schultz reported Doug Bakken completed an audit of our financial status and found the balance to be of $3l.61 due to unrecorded interest.  Also, our net worth dropped $803.56 from last month due to discovery of delinquent bills of $1,043.83 and dues payments of $250.00 unrecorded.  Current net worth is $3,716.38.  Post cards that will be sent to members to remind them to pay their dues will cost approximately $500.

A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented.

COMMITTEES:The following Committee reports were presented.

A.  Election Committee:  Chairman:  Dianne Salmela reported a short informational note is being prepared for the newsletter to get people thinking about elections for next June.

B.  Communication Committee:  No report

C.  Planning Committee:  Outcomes of the Strategy Planning Session were distributed.  The following four areas of interest were identified as priorities for the coming year:

.Improve Communications

.Assess member’s expectations and strengths

.Define our values

.Expand Membership

Stu Hamilton volunteered to lead the Improve Communications interest area with assistance from John McKinney as it relates to the website.

Jerry Horsager volunteered to lead the Expand Membership interest area.

Board members were requested to give some thought to individuals who may be interested in leading the other two areas of interest and to inform Larry Roberts of suggestions.

Lou Schultz, facilitator, was requested to follow-up on interest area activities.

D.  Lake Quality Committee:   Jerry Horsager presented an article from the August 17th issue of  The Enterprise which stated the old dump needs to be covered as the potential exists for toxic waste from the dump to leach into the ground water which eventually flows into Long Lake.  John McKinney will talk to Dr. Don Carlson, Commissioner, to learn if and when there are any scheduled meetings.  LLAA Board members want to be involved in the discussion for properly cleaning up the old dump to protect Long Lake.


A.Membership:  Larry Roberts reported it cost $5.00 to make necessary changes to the Membership Roster.  Jerry Horsager was acknowledged for his work in Neighborhood 4preparing the data base for the membership listing for that neighborhood.

Post cards are going out to about 290 members to advise them of the new post office box and the website:  www.longlakeliving.org.  The post card will advise the member if their dues are paid or past due.  A question will also be included to request the member to correct the address where the newsletter should be sent if the address is listed incorrectly.  The post cards will be going out within the next week.

B.Foundation:Several years ago LLAA deposited money into a Minnesota Foundation for future use.  Currently, there is $270. in the fund and the Minnesota Foundation wants to close the account by the end of the year, due to limited activity. In order to secure the funds the association needs a 501C which we do not currently have.  Larry Roberts will continue to seek an alternative method for securing the money from the Minnesota Foundation.

C.Bylaws:  John McKinney stated the bylaws are ready to file and to secure corporate status.  Board members were encouraged to read the draft copy of the bylaws and to advise John McKinney of any suggested changes or corrections.  He also stated a separate function could be set up to qualify for tax deduction status.  Membership dues are not tax deductible; however, if a separate fund was set up, money donated to the fund could be tax deductible.

D.Website update:  Lou Schultz reported the website now includes current weather, and weather forecasts, along with contacts and links to the Chamber of Commerce and  Itasca State Park.   He encouraged members to send lake activity pictures directly to Kurt Schultz, webmaster, at ekurt@mac.com.

It was also noted that profiles of the alternate board members are still needed for the website.

Lou Schultz also stated consideration is being given to the purchase of a web cam.  The cost for the camera, housing, including a tilt and pan function would cost approximately $2,000.  Lou will continue to look for the camera and will come back to the Board for a recommendation.

Lou Schultz was successful in securing the LLAA membership at a reduced rate with the Chamber of Commerce for $62.50 in exchange for some volunteer services.


A.Winter communications for board snowbirds:  Conference calls were discussed as a possible means of communication with those members who leave the area for the winter.  It was also noted the use of e-mail could also be used.

B.It was suggested a Long Lake Logo and merchandise be developed as a way of promoting he Long Lake Area Association.  This will be discussed further in 2008.

C.Board meetings:  Larry Roberts suggested there be monthly Board meetings throughout the summer and the following tentative schedule for 2008 was approved:

.April 28, 2008 – 10:00 a.m. – Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room

.May 28, 2008 – 10:00 a.m. – Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room

.June 23, 2008 – l0:00 a.m. – Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room

.June 28, 2008 – Annual Meeting – Hubbard Community Center

.July 28, 2008 – l0:00 a.m. – Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room

.August 25, 2008 – l0:00 a.m. – Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room

.September 22, 2008 – l0:00 a.m. – Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room

Jerry Horsager was requested to check with Dick Jorgenson to see if the church camp is available June 27, 2009 for the annual meeting.


Larry Roberts stated Gerry Budget would like to retire as Historian.  Members were requested to give some thought to suggestions for a possible replacement for Gerry.

It was also noted the original log home on Gerry Budget’s property will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2010.  This is also the oldest home on Long Lake.  Consideration will be given to recognizing Gerry at the 2008 Annual Meeting.

Newsletter:The Fall newsletter is scheduled to be out by November 15, 2007.  For that to happen, articles should be to Nancy Baer by October 10, 2007.

The spring newsletter is scheduled to be out by mid April, so articles should be to Nancy by mid March.

Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 11:00 A.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marlene M. Stock, Secretary