[Triex, you may wish to review the visions referenced in your background.]

You see Sigmar, once again on his throne with his great warhammer at his side.  But this time his crown is at his feet, and you are kneeling down touching it.

Triex, you have done well my son.  You are truly attuned to our cause and are beginning to sense the dangers I warned you of.

I sense that the humans are turning to worship the Ruinous Powers, that the Ratmen are stirring from their hidden city, and that the dead rising when the moons are black.  But even I do not know what the future brings, nor the best ways to combat the creeping diseases that infect the Realm. I urge you, Triex, to explore the world – seek out the forces of Chaos where the lie, and smite them down.

I sense the boy you travel with could one day be a powerful ally to our cause. But the corrupting forces of Chaos are strong and can pull timid souls such as his toward their foul plans. Go with the boy, protect him, and see that he becomes a force for the unity of the Empire. However, if he chooses to stray, you must strike him down.

I know in time the future will become more clear.  At that time we shall commune once again.