7qibord is virtual keypad software. In this editing is done using key-combo’s.

It has 2 sets of keys . Each set is having 8 keys. So total 8+8=16 keys.

Using this we can do editing operation for English & Indic Languages.

Kindly copy this link to get this document.

Safety concern in Car Infotainment : In car infotainment touches of fingers

on touchscreen makes it hazy . Using hazy screen while driving car is accident

prone.So we can use touchpad in Car Infotainment device and voip-video-phone .          

                       Tablet also can use 7Keypad with:

           G7 -> singleTouchpad/ResistiveTouchscreen

           G77 -> multitouch screen

           K77 -> multikey combo on 7Keypad with 8+8=16 keys.