Committee Reports

September 2011


Sunday school update: Amy reported that things are going well. Attendance is up from last year. The Bible story room had 8 or 9 children each of the first three weeks, which was orientation to the program. The actual stories begin on October 2nd. There have been 4 or 5 children each week in each of the grade school classes (grades 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6). There have been some difficulties with Spark on-line. Amy will check this out.

The first meeting of “The Well” was held at the Howell’s, with 9 or ten students attending. Amy expects that one meeting each month will be at a home. There was good attendance at the parent meetings for the confirmation class. Amy will have the students sign a covenant outlining their responsibilities as members of the class. She hopes to have a fall day retreat and a spring weekend retreat. At the retreats there will be some separate time for the 8th graders to work on their statements of faith.

In response to some concerns in the nursery, Amy (for the parents) and Laura (for the workers/volunteers) have composed documents of expectation to be signed and kept on file. Amy and Kevin will be in the Temple room at 9:15 a. m. on Sunday to supervise children who arrive early. This is a particular need for parents who sing in the choir. Some work is needed in room 104/105. Dan Shaughnessy is building shelves and providing a new rug. Painting may be done by volunteers.

Christmas Pageant: Lisa volunteered to be in charge. Denise will ask Josh if he can provide MP3’s of the songs. The date will be December 18, 2011, during worship.

Vacation Bible School: Amy will order a book ($47.00) to check out a possible new curriculum for summer 2012.

Budget: Amy and Kris will get together to work out the committee budget. Some cuts to consider are VBS, adult studies (misc.) and fellowship hour expenses. The committee would like to know if the people who spend the money turn in expense reports, as it is unclear what some line item expenses were actually used for.

Next meeting: November 22, 2011.


Robin presented the treasurer’s report. It was decided to transfer the money in the 5@5 account that goes for monetary compensation of the Director of Music’s Salary now rather than later.

The fiscal year budging time line change is now tabled indefinitely.

Changes to the draft of Pastor Derek’s “Stewardship letter” were approved. Currently 11.5% of the budget goes for outreach and Derek has a goal to increase it by 5% if possible.

Usages for the funds from the sale of the parking lot were discussed and will require further discussion in the future.

Committees are asked to prepare and present their proposed budgets by October 15th, if possible. As of now there are no proposed budget increases or decreases but each committee is asked to indicate which of their budget line items can be increased or decreased by an additional 5%, should the stewardship program surpass or under run the current projections.

Approved procedures by Crum will be rescheduled. The committee felt that it might be helpful to have Crum talk to the endowment committee directly.

The next Finance meeting is scheduled for November 22, 2011 with the 2012 budget being the primary topic of discussion.

Outreach - September

School Supplies – report submitted to the group by email from Jim.  Items were delivered the week before school started and both Perkins Midddle School and Portage Path Elementary were very grateful.  

Rahab Scarlet Cord Benefit Concert

A concert featuring Praise-A-Pella will be in the Sanctuary, with an auction in Wright-Herberich Hall.  Tickets are $15 and are available on the website or through Tirsten Henrickson.

Helping Hands

Pat has designed a pew card/ bulletin insert to be used for those with jobs for the team.

Westminster Walk-in Dinners

Preliminary planning continues for proposed walk-in dinners 3rd Sundays.  Cindy and Pat will be investigating issues of insurance and certifications, while Stacy will review needs for the kitchen with Kristy.  

Christmas Baskets

Distribution of the baskets will be on Dec 17.  Inserts will be in the bulletins Sundays between 11/13 and 12/11, and a minute for mission was suggested for 12/4.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

We have been scheduled to ring at Acme #1 on 12/3/11, and Montrose Giant Eagle on 12/9/11

Pentecost Offering

A motion was made and accepted to allocate Westminster’s portion ($428.72) to Community Health Center

Les Morgan visit – Dec 1&2

It was proposed that there be a coffee and dessert for interested members to talk about the Morgans’ work in Bangladesh

New Missionaries

Alice Winters has retired.  It was also proposed that since we have had no contact from the Muir’s.  Marge distributed a list of missionaries suggested by Presbytery, and will distribute more details.

Budget Worksheets

Pat, Marge and Cathy will review the worksheet and bring a proposed budget for review and approval at our next meeting.

Amy Starr Redwine

An offering will be received as part of Amy Starr Redwine’s installation on 10/9/11.  Half will go to Presbytery, and a motion was made and accepted for the other half to go into the Compassion fund.

Next meeting:   Sunday 10/16/2011 at 11:45am

Outreach - October

Rahab Scarlet Cord Benefit Concert

Pat will be meeting with the team organizing the concert on Sat 11/5 at 3:00 in the sanctuary to check on any sound system needs. Set-up will be 8am 11/11, with silent auction and concert beginning at 6:30.

Helping Hands

Pat reports pew cards and bulletin inserts will be in pews and bulletins starting next week

Christmas Baskets

Distribution of the baskets will be on Dec 17. Inserts will be in the bulletins Sundays between 11/13 and 12/11, and a minute for mission was suggested for 12/4. Lee will be getting names of recipients from Salvation Army, Doug is organizing the truck and pickup and Monte will be working with Acme

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

We have been scheduled to ring at Acme #1 on 12/3/11, and Montrose Giant Eagle on 12/9/11

Les Morgan visit – Dec 1&2

There will be a coffee and dessert 12/1 at 7 pm for interested members to talk about the Morgans’ work in Bangladesh

New Missionaries

After review of the information and suggestions from Presbytery we have selected Jeff and Christi Boyd and their work in Cameroon to receive support in place of the retiring Alice Winters. We have selected Michael and Rachel Weller to receive support in place of the Moirs.

Budget Worksheets

The budget worksheet was reviewed, to be submitted as a separate spreadsheet. For the “no-change” budget the main changes consisted of decreasing the adult mission trip budget (as no significant trip is anticipated this year), using part of that to increase the Helping Hands allocation and the rest to bring the Eastminster Presbytery line item halfway back up to the 2010 level.

School Support

A suggestion has been made that WPC could “adopt” a school, as Firestone Park Presbyterian has with Firestone Park Elementary. We received word from Firestone Park Presbyterian concerning needs at Essex Elementary, and Jim will contact the school to get a better idea of what their needs are.

Next meeting: Tuesday Nov 22nd, 6:30 pm

Personell - no report


Motion prevailed to approve the minutes of June 22, 2011 minutes as printed and distributed

TOP TEN items for discussion and action:

  1. WYDACA Flood – Dan reviewed the progress in obtaining bids for repairs necessitated by the major flood conditions of June, July 19 and August 14. Dynamerican flushed the drains in June finding a large tree root in the main storm drain at the manhole near the front steps. Bowers Construction responded to suck up the flood water and clean carpets on July 19 and Aug 14. Dynamerican video scanned and flushed all downspout lines and reflushed the main sewer line finding a root nest in the outfall manhole at Mull Ave, and a collapsed downspout drain at the northeast corner of CE Bldg. Repairs are covered by insurance amounting to $11,716.29. Bowers proposal to make the necessary repairs of replacing baseboards and painting was $12,417.41. Dan submitted a proposal from his company DanMar Services LLC to make only the necessary repairs as he and Roger evaluated them at a cost of $4500. Work will be done by one of his employees working evenings and weekends to fit with WYDACA’s schedule. Bowers proposal included unnecessary painting of all classroom walls.

Motion prevailed to request Session Approval - Hire DanMar Services, LLC, to perform WYDACA Flood Repair, not to exceed $4,500.00 with money coming from Maintenance Insurance Fund.

  1. Budget status - $16,882 remaining in Operating Supplies and Maintenance line items, $17,881 in Utilities. Based on estimated utilities for the remainder of the year we will be under budget in Utilities. That surplus could be used for Maintenance items. Further review is needed to determine exact amount available.

  1. Replacing Interior Door Locks – Received a revised proposal from Crisp to replace 43 door locks and re key so that they are all on the 3 Master key series - $5348.00 plus costs of keys - approx $200.00. Alternate bid from Gray Enterprises was in excess of $7700. Memo will be sent out to all staff, tenants and church officers requesting list of keys they will need. Once the locks are replaced many of the existing keys will not be usable.

Motion prevailed to request Session Approval - Hire Crisp Company to replace, change, and update church locks for $5,500.00. Money is to come from the Fouse Charitable Lead Trust Fund.

  1. Memorial Garden - Request from Memorial Garden Committee to pay for window to be bricked in. Their bid for work is $1,700.00. Discussed and agreed that this is responsibility of Properties to review proposal to insure that all necessary components are included. Dan had not seen the bid document. Request that Memorial Garden committee forward the bid for review before taking any action.

  1. Sound system study for Sanctuary & WHH. Derek would like Properties to request proposals from vendors for a replacement of the Sanctuary Sound System. Roger will request Frank to contact the company that installed the system in Immaculate Heart – Cuyahoga Falls to determine the design parameters of that system and invite them to evaluate our facility.

Roger will contact Acentech Consultants in Boston who designed the present system for their comments and possible review of new proposals since they have all of the acoustical design parameters in their files. One proposal submitted in fall of 2010 to Derek is approx $20,000.

  1. Broken cement pad & chipped steps at WYDACA Entrance – Bids; Perrin $,2150, Lawrence & Son’s $1,705. Session approval not required. Charge to Building Maintenance.

  1. Sanctuary Temperature -Temperature Control has been requested to evaluate temperature difference between Nave and Chancel. They will be here on Tues Oct 4 and will calibrate the sensors and set monitoring units in place for Friday to Monday Oct 7-10. Comment that Chancel was too on Sept 11-25. At same time Nave was colder than normal. During the summer we experienced warm conditions when the humidity was high.

  1. Refrigerator and Stove in CE Basement kitchen will be removed and donated to Goodwill. Dave Stobbs will handle the disposal. The Refrigerator-stove unit in Student Center may be offered for sale on EBay. This unit is 55years old and installed when CE Bldg was built. Dan to handle the auction

  1. Phone line in Jeremiah’s office: Cell phones are not useable in the basement. Roger has contacted our phone vendor for cost to install a fixed phone there for security reasons. Installed cost for a desk phone is $1,189.00. A portable cordless unit which may be useable through out the building is estimated to be $1,008.50 installed. No action taken at the present time due to cost. Investigate other options.

  1. Painting Hallways behind Sanctuary: Two quotes received Blaser Painting - $5630.00, Yerman & Young - $4042.00.

Motion prevailed to request Session Approval: Paint the Wright-Herberich Hall south wall (the one with the TV screen) and to paint the trim, ceiling and wall areas in the area behind the chancel for $4,042.00. Money to come from the Fouse Charitable Lead Trust fund

Subsequent to meeting; Yerman notified by phone. They will start work week of October 17.


New business

Maintenance Calendar –Reviewed various monthly items with Jeremiah – Remove Window Air Conditioners, Lower Storm Windows, Sweep Leaves and Buckeyes as needed.

Ginny Melver will present Motions from items 1, 2, and 10 to Session immediately for their approval since source of money is coming from Restricted Funds and amounts are greater than Properties spending authority.

Worship - no report