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26 Aug 2011

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WEB DESIGN Textbook Assignment POINTS: 10

Chapter 2: Web Publishing Fundamentals


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PART 1. Definitions: Briefly define the following terms:


chunked text  Short and to the point text, but accurate


primary colors  Red, yellow, blue


secondary colors  Orange, green, purple


warm colors  Colors associated with activity and power


cool colors  Colors that suggest tranquility and detachment


complementary colors  Those opposite each other on the color wheel


RGB color scheme  The combination of colors red, green, and blue


bandwidth  The quantity of data that can be transmitted in a specific time frame


monitor resolution  The measure of a monitor’s sharpness and clarity, related to the pixels it can display


pixel  (picture element) a single point in an electronic image


phishing  A legitimate company is imitated, an online bank or ISP, then sends out an email requesting verification of account information


spoofing  Creating a fraudulent version of a site and masking it’s URL


liquid layout  Web pages that resize as the browser window resizes for any monitor resolution, utilizing HTML layout tables or CSS


copyright  Ownership right


encryption  A process that encodes data into illegible content 


decryption  A technique used to return encrypted data to its original format


SSL  (Secure Sockets Layer) A protocol that safeguards and encrypts confidential information as it travels over the internet


cookies  Are small text files stored on a visitor’s hard drive


WAI  (Web Accessibility Initiative)  Standards set to advance Web access for people with special needs

PART 2 Questions: Answer each of the following briefly, but completely.

1. Describe these basic design principles with regard to web pages:

  • balance  Harmonious arrangement of elements. Not overpowering or under stated
  • proximity  Related to balance. Arrange related items close to each other, i.e., caption near an image
  • contrast  Mix of elements to stimulate attention. Establishes a focal point
  • focus  Direct a visitor’s center of interest or activity. Your Web page will center on what, a company name, a logo?
  • unity  A sense of belonging or oneness. A Web site’s visual identity
  • visual identity  The same as unity. A Web site’s combination of elements and the publisher
  • brand  A business or organization offers  to its customers. Creating and maintaining a visual identity

2. List and describe four advantages of web publishing over print publishing:

    1.  The Currency Advantage

    2.  The Connectivity Advantage

    3.  The Cost Advantage

    4.  The Delivery Advantage

3.  List and describe three guidelines for effective writing for the web:

    1.  Straightforward – Accuracy and currency

    2.  Contemporary - Scannability

    3.  Geared toward an educated audience - Organization

4. Why should you avoid underlining text in a web page?  Can be mistaken for a hyper link

  • What can you do instead of underlining to emphasize text on a web page?  You can bold it or make it a different color (with caution), because hypertext links are sometimes a different color also

5. List and briefly describe six different web design jobs which may be found on a web design team:

    1.  Web page Designer – Converts text, images, and links into Web pages 

    2.  Network/security Administrator – Ensure day-to-day functionality and protect against internal/external threats

    3.  Webmaster – Oversees the Web development team. If alone, assumes all roles

    4.  Web Programmer – Creator of interactive and dynamic Web pages

    5.  Content manager – Reviewer of the Web page(s) before posting it

    6.  Content writer/editor – Create and revise the text, links, photos, etc. that visitors see on your Web page(s)

6.  What is the “web-safe palette” and how many colors are in it?  A set of 216 colors of the 256 colors, displayed by an 8-bit monitor

 7. WIKIPEDIA: Go to Wikipedia to answer these questions :

  • What is wikipedia?  The free encyclopedia which can be edited
  • What is today’s featured article about?  As of 1815 hrs., Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1819-1961)

8. Search for each of the following on wikipedia and give a brief description of each:

  • Firefox web browser  Free and open source Web browser. Second most widely used Web browser
  • Mosaic web browser  The Web browser credited for popularizing the World Wide Web. It’s clean and easily understood
  • Google Chrome web browser  Developed by Google, uses the Webkit layout engine
  • Web Colors (be sure to scroll down the page so you can see the color charts)  Approximately six color pallets

9.  From the WEB COLORS Wikipedia page, look for the hex triplet color system:  

  • How many colors can be represented in hex triplet color system?  16.7 million colors
  • What number indicates the least intense color?  #0
  • What number indicates the brightest color?  #255 
  • Give the 6-digit hexadecimal number for black:  #000000
  • Give the 6-digit hexadecimal number for  white:  #FFFFFF
  • Give the 6-digit hexadecimal number for  green:  #008000
  • Give the 6-digit hexadecimal number for  navy blue:  #000080
  • Give the 6-digit hexadecimal number for  a medium shade of gray:  #C0C0C0