Playstuff HL team writeup - Week 3

It was said last week, but we have a couple of people who haven’t played a match yet, so those guys should remember to read the Week 1 writeup for general competitive play information on things like calling.

With that out of the way, straight into map-specific strategies:


The upward strategy worked extremely well, so nothing will be changed really, read Week 2 to see the plan. A couple of things to remember:

- On point 2 defence, be careful to watch the sneaky back flanking route beside the deathpit cliffs. If they sneak a sniper down there unnoticed he has sightlines right onto the engie/medic/heavy etc, so roamers keep peeking that route please.

- Also on point 2 defence, remember that their most likely method of attacking the sentry will be to drop out of the windows with uber. Try to prevent them getting in there uncontested, and if pyro hears the call that enemies are in those windows he should immediately fall back to the sentry and be prepared to airblast ubered players up and away (sentry knockback will send most classes flying over the cliffs to their death).

- On point 3 defence, don’t overcommit to a counterattack. Chase down important classes like the medic to finish him off, sure, but remember they will have a spawn wave coming to meet you and their spawn at point 3 is relatively close.

- On point 2 offence, remember not to commit too many players into the tunnel pushing the cart, we need to take control of the upper area to have a chance. But if they have it locked down really well, remember there’s a side passage on the left we can flank through to catch them off guard ;)


Gravelpit is played in ABBA format, which is a stopwatch format like payload maps, but played twice - in the first half team A sets the time which team B has to beat, then in the second half team B sets a time and then A has to beat it. So the order of attacking the points goes A (set time), B (beat time), B (set time), A (beat time).

First, defence.

We will not, unless we are forced to, attempt to defend point A. A few classes (spy, demo) might hang around in the hopes of getting a medic/heavy pick, but apart from that we will not attempt to hold point A. It’s too difficult to secure properly.  If we are forced to defend it (i.e. we only cap one point on attack, and therefore have to hold them off at A for the same length of time it took us to cap it) a strategy will be described at the time.

We do have one (fairly simple) strategy prepared for A which might work depending on a few factors. This will also be explained over Vent, just in case Lambrini Boys happen to have found this and are reading it :P   Hi Lambrini Boys!

Most classes will instead head to B. The soldier and scout will, upon reaching the back of the house, suicide to provide the engie with more metal (you will have more than enough time to get back before the round begins). There is little metal available on this point so it is important you do this to help the engie get ready before the round begins.

The engie will set up behind the house, with the sentry on the raised area and the dispenser/tele hugging the wall of the house. This spot gives a good, large safe zone behind the house where power classes should retreat to for health/ammo. Wrangler also provides the ability to deter spammers from the C connectors.

It is absolutely crucial that the roof of B is kept clear of enemies. If their soldier and/or demo get onto the roof, our B defence will almost surely crumble.

Class specifics for B defence:

Scout - roaming around, checking all the entrances to B to find out where they are coming from, particularly trying to spot their sniper as gravelpit B’s long sightlines make sniping the medic easier, trying to force their uber if you get the chance.

Soldier - on the roof, preventing their soldier/demo from getting onto the roof uncontested.

Pyro - pocketing the engie with Homewrecker, spychecking constantly, particularly when the engie is wrangling.

Demo - keeping track of the roof and jumping up there to help the soldier if needed, locking down chokepoints and entrances with stickytraps, playing fairly close to medic when not on the roof.

Heavy - pocketing the medic at all times, spamming suppressive fire, getting aggressive with the uber once they have committed to an attack.

Engie - securing the back of the building, wrangling to make the sentry harder to take down.

Medic - charging constantly, keeping an eye out for threats, counter-ubering when needed.

Sniper - countersniping (very important on this open point), getting picks if possible, make them scared to step out without taking 40 seconds to fully charge uber.

Spy - roaming, calling their route of attacks, getting picks when possible to sabotage their pushes.

Should our B defence fail, we will fall back to C. On this point the engie should attempt to put his tele exit on the small roof at the back of C, by jumping out and airstrafing onto the roof. This will allow slow classes to quickly get up to the point to defend it, without the tele being easily destroyed. The sentry will be positioned halfway up the point to cover the right side entrances.

Class specifics on C defence:

Scout - as above, roaming the entrances to find their routes of attack, flanking round and hassling.

Soldier - spamming corners, moving around the entrances, prepared to jump up to the point to defend it.

Pyro - hovering near the point, watching for spies around the engie, clearing attackers off the point

Demo - locking down entrances with stickytraps, ready to jump the point if necessary.

Heavy - up on the point providing anti-aircraft fire, spamming boolets as needed.

Engie - halfway up the point with sentry wrangled down, covering the right entrances with spam, keeping dispenser/tele up for the other classes to reload.

Medic - keeping yourself alive, dropping down away from the point if the spam gets too intense, keeping forward classes healthy, up on point with heavy/pyro the rest of the time.

Sniper - as before, countersniping, jarateing incoming packs of enemies, finding angles.

Spy - same as before, getting behind them and making picks happen, calling where they are coming from.

Now for attacking.

The caps on A and B are slooooow, so there will be very little fancy about this - basically we will pile on the points.

We will almost certainly be attacking A first. Remember to look for stickytraps hidden on doorframes etc, this is the responsibility of the first person through a choke, particularly if you are pocketing the medic at that point. Depending on how successful their demo is being with stickytraps, we may leave the medic in spawn for our A attack, since they are not likely to contest A but may attempt medic picks.

After A is capped, the caller will decide whether to push into B through C, or through connector. Either way, the scout should go to C to find and destroy the engie’s tele entrance.

The soldier and demo should attempt to jump onto the roof of B and from there spam down onto their combo/sentry nest. They will almost certainly have their own soldier/demo on the roof to prevent this, and if not they will counter by jumping up, so be aware of that. Medic, try to overheal our soldier/demo as much as possible before they jump to help give them the best chance possible.

As our solly/demo are securing the roof, the remaining power classes will push in with the uber into their side, creating a vertical pincer move between the uber at their side and the soldier/demo above. The sniper should be using this distraction to do what he can, our engie will be chucking minisentries and shotgunning, spy will be working around their flank to come up behind them, pyro and scout will be flanking, maybe pouncing on them out the windows of the point. It will be glorious.

Once they are all dead, sniper will stay outside sniping up towards B-C near connector, watching for their classes attempting to push back in and stop the cap. Soldier should also stay on the roof to spam down and keep control of it if they jump. Spy will be off infiltrating C, and everyone else should be capping B as fast as possible.

C caps far quicker, so we should not overcommit to the point where it is very easy to spam stickies, airblasts etc and clear it off. Our jumping classes should both jump as soon as possible and begin the cap, with the rest of the classes concentrating more on clearing out the defence (which will be distracted by the cap in progress) and stopping reinforcements getting to the point. Should our jumpers be unsuccessful the defence should still be very weakened, at which point the remaining classes can head up and finish off the capture.

If that fails, subsequent pushes will be called based on the location of their sentry/combo etc. We will either push through main, upper/lower left, or near/far right (i.e. point B). Remember to push in en masse as a team, do not throw yourselves in one at a time unless you are a jumping class the point is inches from being capped. A coordinated attack with 30 seconds of preparation is more likely to succeed than 30 seconds of individuals streaming in and throwing themselves at the defence.

It’s harder to write specific strategies for capture point maps than for payload (at least on attack), because each point is so different and they will all require individual coordination. So it will be very important to listen to the called decisions and execute them together as a team. Our positioning and approaches will need to be much more fluid and adapt to their strategies, and to write an exhaustive list would turn this into even more of an essay than it already is, so I will stop it here.