PUEBLO and PUEBLO Action Fund are looking for an experienced, highly motivated, and fully bilingual (English and Spanish) organizer that will identify leaders, develop leadership trainings, form coalitions and organize issue and movement-building electoral campaigns.  A dedicated and passionate organizer will thrive in this job amidst the political and economic challenges presented to low-income families locally and nationally.


The PUEBLO Movement is the only multi-issue community-based organization strengthening the power and leadership of low-income Santa Barbara County residents at the neighborhood level. The PUEBLO Movement’s core issues are immigrants’ rights, tenants’ rights, workers rights, affordable housing, public transportation, and education. PUEBLO is a growing organization that has formed strong local coalitions and gained name recognition through state and national alliances.  The PUEBLO movement comprises People United for Economic Justice Building Leadership through Organizing (PUEBLO), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and the PUEBLO Action Fund (PAF), a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization.  Employees divide their time between the two organizations.

PUEBLO’s organizing model aims to decentralize decision-making structures, which allows community leaders impacted by the issues to be at the forefront of the movement for social justice. Organizers utilize the House Meeting model to identify leaders and create neighborhood committees that determine the issues of the organizations and make strategic and political decisions on their campaigns.  Many member leaders eventually serve on  PUEBLO or PAF’s Boards of Directors.


The organizer is responsible for identifying  and training new leaders, developing a vibrant grassroots organizing and leadership development program, providing leadership in campaign and political strategy, and building coalitions. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in grassroots organizing, campaign and political strategy, a passion for social justice, and experience in aligning local community organizing strategies for local, state, and national impact. The organizer is supervised by the Executive Director.


Grassroots Organizing and Leadership Development:

Campaign Development and Coalition Building:

Other Responsibilities:

Other Requirements

Minimal Qualifications: 

Salary & Benefits: A competitive, professional salary is dependent on experience. Range: $34,000-$38,000. Benefits package includes health, dental, generous vacations, sick leave. PUEBLO and PUEBLO Action Fun are equal opportunity employers.

Apply by September 10, 2010

Send to all of the following information: 1) cover letter explaining why you are interested in this specific position; 2) resume; and 3) three professional references that include phone numbers and emails.  The position starts October 1, 2010.

114 E. Haley St. Suite E, Santa Barbara, CA 93101