Bronyville Episode 084 - Friendship And The Biker Gorilla

Time : Saturday, December 8th, noon PST

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The views expressed are that of the panelists and do not in any way reflect those of Hasbro, Studio B Productions, The Hub - employees and managements. The panelists themselves are fans and claim no expert knowledge on the source material.


Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 84 recorded on December 8th, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider



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Topic Time! - Silly Voices for Fun (profit pending)

Episode Discussion: Sleepless In Ponyville


Dear Ciderlicious, Sandylicious, Starrylicious, and Guestsalicious,

First of all, thank you for reading this letter. You recently read one of mine on the air and I squealed like a little filly when I heard it.

I thought this was a very good episode today. As much as I like the CMCs, I don't always like their episodes. I probably enjoy about half of them. As disappointed as I was that we didn't meet Scootaloo's family, I was more than compensated by the appearance of my favorite pony, Princess of the Night, now revealed as Princess of Dreams, Princess Luna! I am praying and hoping that among the multitude of Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash fan art we can expect this week, there will be a few pictures of the Princess of Dreams.

Does anyone else think that Rainbow Dash could have written a letter this week, or Applejack could have written one after Babs Seed, or do you think they've abandoned that as a plot device?

Your faithful listener,

High Stream

Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, and assorted guests.

Sleepless in Ponyville presented what was the prime opportunity to discern whether or not scootaloo is an orphan. We can surmise that she does not have an older sister, let alone an older sibling. Never during any of her episodes of blind panic did she cry out for a parent, nor did we get a single scene of where she lives. with this knowledge we can surmise that if studio B/DHX was going to show scootaloo's parents it would have been in this episode. So what can we take away from this? That the Smart bits are on Scootaloo being an orphan.

Over-thinking this as always your faithful listener

Feathers the Griffin, (A.K,A. that one guy who sounds like George Takei calling into Last exit to Ponyville.)

P.S. Fluttershy is Best pony and Scootaloo is still best CMC.

Good morning, AC, CS, SN, and guests!

I was just emailing to make a couple comments about last week's episode (Magic Duel).

First of all, I noticed that, in listening to last week's podcast, none of you mentioned what was possibly my favourite part of that episode - the fact that they finally started to make Zecora a second mentor to Twilight, when that was Lauren Faust's original idea for Zecora in the first place.

Also, I realised after watching the episode a couple times that the colours and design of the Alicorn Amulet seemed to be very similar to the colours and design of King Sombra. I'm not sure if this is just a coincidence (bronies are notorious for over-analysing), but Megan McCarthy did say that she had big plans for this season. I've included reference pictures for you guys to take a look yourselves.

Anyway, I'm off to watch this week's episode. Scootaloo is best CMC /)^3^(\



Hello there Sidra de Manzana, Chef Arenoso, Noche Estrellada and Invitados (that's Applecider, Chef Sandy, Starry Night and Guests in Spanish respectively)

I was watching a video on my YouTube subscriptions the other day. It was a review of the latest MLP episode "Magic Duel" in which they talked about all the aspects and the things they liked and disliked of it. I had no problem with the review, until they started to nitpick about Trixie's magic cursor and recycle bin spell. They spent around five minutes considering if Equestria does have computer software and whether it's Mac or Windows. I wouldn't have a problem with it if it wasn't because the reviewers sounded serious. It sounded like they really were trying to find logic in a cartoon starring unicorns and pegasi that live in a town called Ponyville. Things didn't get any better when they brought other aspects like Trixie's punishment at the end, or that the trick to make Applejack look like a stallion was a direct fanservice nod to the bronies.

As you can tell, I'm not saying what podcast was this from, but you should know that is quite a popular one that many people follow.

I don't think overanalyzing a children's cartoon is a good idea. I don't think overanalyzing is a good idea at all. Overanalyzing should only be reserved for science fiction and David Lynch movies. When you overanalyze something you are not being smart or curious, you are making yourself look quite foolish, unless you are making it with the intention to make a joke, which the hosts of this podcasts were clearly not. I just felt like sharing this with you guys since you have always defended the simplicity and sincerity of this series. It's a show, it's a cartoon, and it's very fun to watch. Don't read more into it. What they show you is what it is, there is no hidden meaning nor La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo involved.

Other than that, thanks a bunch for picking my call last saturday! It was awesome chatting with you all, and to Starry thanks a lot for liking my accent.

I hope you guys are doing okay, and I wish you the best from snowy Scotland,

James Corck

Greetings captain Cider, Firsthoof Sandy, Comodore Starry Night and whoever guest or guests you managed to get on board this week, I salute you from the coast of the Gulf of Mexicolt, half cause I live nearby and half cause I got myself lost arround here.

With the new wave of fresh pony on weekends and such and since the inminent soon (hopefully) release of the Double Sonic Rainboom fan banana, got me to wonder during my travels as my job demands it, Im kinda an errant Judge for the law system of my country, anyway Im going off topic here; as I was saying due the soon release in your professional (as professional as a fan base can be) how close do you think we are from that episode we've been asking for since season 1? you know the whole 26 short stories over Ponyville kind of episode with all the background characters having their proverbial time on the sun?

For what I've read and heard writters of the show wont go there since Fanon characters are "that" fanon created and such and with raising talent for the likes of Mr Flamingo, Ask the Crusaders, Black Griffon, Alfa995 and so many other talented animators out there within the comunity, voice actors and actresses, musicians and artists we have the horsepower (see what I did there) to put said fan episode in motion, but again in your opinion how plausible this seems to you? since is most likely DHX might not tackle something like that.

Thanks for indulging my question, from somewhere on the coast of the Gulf of Mexicolt wish you best luck to you all your kind of sporadic listener (Im not faithful since I listen whenever the heck I can)

-Master Specter

PS. Luna is best pony! I mean, come on, Twilights Magic + Rainbow Flight, her color is a mid term between the two of em, adorable and powerful, I mean you two settledown and just accept Luna as what she is "Best Pony" btw Tetra was right from the start.

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Oh me, oh my! There’s a few ponys I have that still are on my ‘must talk to list’. And though I will talk to many a VA very soon, there is a certain FimFlamFilosophy and his Rainbow Dash Presents animations which cause me to giggle like a little filly. And wouldn’t you know it - he’s on our show this week! Now I will warn - our dear friend lives on the fringes of our happy world and must subject himself to things best left unseen for his art. This may have twisted his form into the creature before you but do not look away! This noble sir is here to protect you!


Apple Cider

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