Nook Formatting

***Before you use this guide, format your document following the guidelines set forth the E-Book Basic Formatting Guide found on under the resources section.  Use the tutorial guides at: for addition help.***

  1. Erase any 'Smashwords Edition' specific information in your copyright page.
  2. Make sure your file is saved as a .doc, not .docx file.
  3. Do not use columns.
  4. Do not use superscripts or subscripts.
  5. Delete the cover image inside your book.  The Epub version uploads the cover image from a different source - if you leave the cover image inside your HTML file, it will appear twice when you open the book on the Nook.
  6. Save your file as a Filtered, HTML file


  1. Upload HTML version of your book to Calibre by clicking on 'add books'.
  2. Highlight uploaded book; click on 'convert books'
  3. Insert cover image here:

  1. Fill in the rest of the metadata.
  2. Click OK. 
  3. Check format with the e-book viewer by double clicking on the title.
  4. To find out where on your hard drive your epub version was saved, right click on title in Calibre and 'open containing folder'.

Go to B&N PubIt! Homepage, create an account and follow the steps to upload a book.

  1. Upload the epub version of your file.

Before uploading, you can also run your file through ePUBCheck.  To test your ePub file in ePub Check, go to