Clearance Level Report No.



Brief Summary:

It has come to the attention of the Regional offices that the situation regarding AREA-09 has been investigated to the highest degree possible. Thanks to the efforts of the Internal Security Department and the cooperation of site personnel belonging to AREA-09’s staff, we have decided to come to release a listing of findings that can be requisitioned through Intelligence offices with required clearance access.

All requisitions should be ran through Administrative staff for proper filing.

Incident Report:

Reporting Agent- TSG D. Parcher

The incident involving AREA-09’s containment breach has been found to not explicitly be at the fault of a single member of personnel, nor was it entirely at the fault of lacking containment procedure. Through every interview made and recitation of the stream of events, I have personally seen to a common strain of mistakes that seemed to of had a domino effect on the matter of the containment breach itself. Through careful observation of evidence left in the facility, my team has been able to contain a single line of events that span between a mishap within the movement of AE-17242, all the way to an incident involving the misbehavior of certain personnel when handling the the Entity entirely.

It should be noted that our team have found no reason to hold any sole member responsible for the containment breach, thus no punishment has been placed.

All members of AREA-09 who have not concluded their commission have been drafted to re-allocate themselves to new facilities lacking in personnel counts. The locations have been redacted from this report for sake of avoiding an information bleed.

The next page will contain a listing of declassified reports that have been made accessible to Administrative staff, and subsequently Intelligence members who wish to add the reports to their private records. Reports will continuously be added and updated.


Reports require a Level [FOUR] Clearance in order for request.

Please discuss with your Regional Liaison for aid in requesting your selected report(s).

[End of current listing.]




This document may not be shared with or used by personnel below the designated clearance level.