Outing Club Notices:

- May 11th Hike with optional overnight tenting

Past Events:


Outing Club in the News:

Jay Peak  Superbowl Sunday

Twenty members of Canaan High Schools Outing Club attended the overnight trip to Jay Peak. Accompanied by chaperones Melissa Gray, Timothy Gray, Jenna Gray, and Todd Nichols, they spent two days skiing the mountains of Jay and making a splash at the new indoor waterpark. This was the first large trip they have done all year and it was a success. Members of the club could choose to do either skiing, swimming or both for the two days they stayed.


With four large slides, a lazy river, and many other attractions, the water park had a lot inside that kept the students busy all weekend. The many trails of the mountain were perfect for those who took to the slopes. The weather on the second day was a little windier than the first but students were impressed with the large number of ski trails.


Overall everyone felt that the weekend went great and many students wished the trip could have been longer and cannot wait to go again!   The advisor not only felt that it was an incredible weekend, that it also was a wonderful learning experience for the students; learning to be independent and experiencing things they never had been exposed to before.


Savanna Rancloes

Outing Club off to a Busy Start

Woodsmen Competition


Eighteen members of Canaan Memorial High School’s outing club participated in the first-ever Woodsmen Competition on November 9, under the direction of advisors Timothy Gray, Todd Nichols and Melissa Gray.


Members gathered at Mr. Gray’s house, where they were separated into four teams and rotated through each event.   These included the pulp toss, two-person crosscut, log roll, and the dot split.


The two-person crosscut required two players from each team to use an old-fashioned saw to cut a slice off of the log, or a “cookie.”  This event involved communication skills and teamwork, and many of the members enjoyed the event and wanted to participate in it a second time.


Sierra Cotnoir said she was “reluctant at first, but I am glad that I decided to take part in the competition and would definitely do it again.”


Events like these continued throughout the day and challenged the members to work together. When members were asked how they felt about the competition, many replied with very positive comments: “Amazing day,” and, “It was outstanding and we should do this again.” Many said they felt proud and accomplished, having challenged each other and worked together no matter how they finished in the competition.


Members from a losing group said, “We won in our hearts,” and, “We may not have come in first, we may not have had the best times, but we worked together and had fun.”

Overall the advisors felt that we couldn’t have asked for a better day;  Ms. Gray said,  “Beautiful weather, good food and great company.”

--Savanna Rancloes