Why do you only have things for kids?

What is the point of this store?

Do you ever have stuff that you buy that never sells?

What are the ages that you sell for?

What is cabbage patch?

Why did you choose to sell kids clothes?

What made you come up with the name Cabbage Patch?

How did you choose what to originally sell?

 why don’t you take things on saturday?

Why don’t you staff a day care person in order to bring in extra revenue?

  How did you get this idea?

How profitable has your business been?

Why don’t you expand your business to be a daycare as well since you have areas for kids to stay?

Do you make a good living?

Lets hear more about the birthday parties

Is there any other way to get cabbage credit?

What is your product?

Why don’t you open on sundays?

Is there a time limit on how long the kids can stay in the “cabbage patch?”

What is the difference between consignment and retail?

How long will you keep stuff in the store if it doesn’t sell?

What products do you sell?

What is the age range for children clothes?

Do you advertise on TV or the radio or magazine?

What is your main method of advertising?

What is your advertising Budget?

Do you plan on expanding into something bigger?

What have you done to prepare yourself for owning a business?

Do you have any advice on steps to running your own business?

Why you guys do birthday parties?