EDU 255 Verbal Transcript

(To Entire Class):

Hi, can everyone bring it in please. Alright.  I’m Mr. Iannuzzi and today we’re going to go over how to catch the pull ok so.  Has anyone ever heard that ah breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Alright so, well it is. Ok so, when catching the pull you want to catch it like a pancake.  Your going to have one hand up and one hand down.  And as the Frisbee comes you want to have your hands parallel.  And when it arrives you want to smoosh it like a pancake.  I don’t know how it relates to a pancake but that is what its called.  Were gonna do that today.  There are other ways you can catch you can use the claw.  When its coming you can use the claw action for it.  So this is very important in ultimate Frisbee because you can determine the field position which is like football.  You can give your defender a longer field or a shorter field, obviously you want to give your defender the longest field to the touchdown.  So when we break up, your going to get in groups of two or three, one partner on each side or if you have three two partners.  Were going to work on throwing it pretty far in distance and work on how to catch.  So your gonna use your pancake catch and your claw and ah so were gonna do that.  Just be aware of your surroundings and everything because its slightly windy out the Frisbee might be flying on you so keep an eye on the Frisbee and everyone else and ah when you hear my whistle later on just bring it in or listen for further instructions.  Alright, so break up into your groups now get a good distance away work on your pull and catch alright?  Everyone get a Frisbee.  You guys have Frisbees.  Spread out and get a good distance away.  Remember to flick your wrist to get good distance on your throw.  Alright you guys can start.

(To Ryan):

Nice pancake catch Ryan.

(To Student):

There you go.

(To Class):

Nice pancake guys.

(To Ben):

Make sure you flick your wrist Ben.  There you go now you go it.

(To Jeremy):

Nice claw Jeremy.

(To Greg):

You gotta pancake that one Greg.

(To Andy):

Like the overemphasis it was good.

(To Student):

Pancake there it is.

(To Student):

Very Nice

(To Class):

Alright guys make sure you try and get your body in front it, so you catch it parallel to your chest.

(To Student):

Heads up, heads up!

(To Student):

Your welcome

(To Tim):

Keep your body in front and use your pancake.  Let’s see that pancake.  I’ll allow it.

(To Nicole and Holley):

If you guys are having trouble throwing a long distance, you guys can move in if you need to.  The winds making it kind of rough on you right now.  There it is.

(To Class):

If you all could bring it in please.  Hustle in please.  Alright just to go over what we went over today.  With the pull you want to catch it like a pancake, one hand up one hand down or with your little claws you guys got.  Alright so, the pull is very important.

(To Greg):

Do you have a question?  Ah, I’m pretty sure it’s just backhand.

(To Class):

But um so you guys could do that. Um its really important for field position, it’s a good way to put your defender on the ropes.  So you can guys can give them a longer field to travel.  So you guys did a great job with that today, next class well get into ah a little more game play and ah have a good day guys.