Leadership team 5*18*2015

Present: A. Fullford, L. Becker, S. Lyons, E. Phillips, D. Herr, M. Hibbard, D. Lynch

Discussed the Data2action goals for this year and reworked them for the 2015-16 school year

Discussed the UDL goal and the work that Nancy completed after the last meeting

Nancy shared a published book that is used for public relations-at Gorham High School this book contains various assignments completed at the school- it is published at the school and then shared with parents and the community.  There is nice art work on cover, so it is a representation of all subjects within the school (there is a copy in the office if you would like to view it)

Debbie shared that there will be a stipend for those who attend BEST this summer.

Debbie thanks the team for their hard work this year- she states that it is not always enjoyable work but we work well as a team and she appreciates the time and effort they have put in this year.


Leadership team- 4/6/2015

Aimee Fullford, David Herr, Kathy Smith, Nancy Edwards, Stephanie Lyons, Debbie Lynch, Mandie Hibbard, Lisa Becker, Ilene Elliott




Next Step:        

MTSS slogan- Making Teachers and Students Successful

Debbie will email Sue and Josh to express concern over the Review It/Do It and the completion of that does not allow us time to work with the staff on MTSS analysis.

As we look at the goals we set, we have accomplished part of the goal but may need to revise in order to fully meet the goals

(The goal sheet is on the board in the meeting room)

Goal 1:- we have completed 2/3 of the measures we set for evidence

        Debbie will send out the problem solving process sheet

Goal 2:  We have the timeline but it hasn’t been shared,

Goal 3: We accomplished the writing benchmarks- but we have not completed a lesson study

Goal 4: we planned PD for 2 days – October 3rd and March 27th

We will have a Leadership Work day on April 27th from 1:30-4:00 to work on the Action Plan.


Leadership Team- February 9, 2015

Present:  D. Lynch, I. Elliott, L. Becker, S. Lyons, K. Smith, A. Fullford, N. Edwards, D. Herr, M. Hibbard, E.  Phillips

1.  Debbie shared the scoring rubrics with the Board and suggested they come to the next meeting with questions after they have reviewed it.

2. Debbie asked if anyone was interested in being trained to guide the Leadership Team in completing the rubric.  Debbie and Ilene will take this on, Mandie is interested in being a part of it, but not alone.  

Nancy suggests that Sue train the leadership team.  Kathy questions whether Sue will still be available if we have questions,   how will we learn everything that she knows in order to guide our team?

3. The next step is to revise the Data2action plan, which needs to be done by the end of May, and then complete the Do It sheet for each goal in this plan

4.  Aimee asked if we should focus on the components that we scored mostly 1’s in.  This year our focus was collaboration, should we transition to assessment or instruction and intervention.  Next year should we focus on using data?  Transitioning to data will lead to a change of instruction and intervention.  We will have two years of MAP data, how can we use this?  

5. Aimee states that by being the administrator of Map this year, she feels more comfortable with the assessment

6.  Steph states it would be helpful to have a checklist of what needs to be done when administering MAP.  A problem solving sheet handy for issues that arise

7. Ideas were discussed on how to share the rubric with the staff- Sue will let us know if there is a way to  graph this data- Debbie will work on this and send out to the leadership team the first couple to see if it is easily understood.  This info will be shared at a future High School meeting and the elementary meeting.

8.  When we set our goal next year do we still focus on K-8 or go with K-12?  Ilene states we need to get something going really well in K-8 before we jump to K-12.  We really don’t know about K-12 because we don’t have enough content teachers on the Leadership Team

9. Do we have to start at the beginning again in order to revise our data2action plan?  Debbie will email Sue with several questions….are we at the review it stage?  How do the ones we starred during the rubric scoring fit in?

10.  Discussion of the MTSS assignment- do we choose one or go with a variety of them?  Consensus is we go with one for the letterhead and emails and then hang a variety around the building. Find a student who a lot of people have helped and have them get up and present a testimonial regarding MTSS. Leadership team will choose three and then ask the staff to pick the one they feel best represents the MTSS system