Math Plans: First Week

Focus: Numbers 0-10: being able to recognize, count and write those numbers.

Whole Group: 30 minutes

 Model how to count manipulatives with one-to-one correspondence. Students will have white boards and counters to be engaged with teacher. Each day we will use a variety of manipulatives to teach students expectations and rules to follow. Students will be given time to discover manipulatives on their own.

Small Group: 15 minutes for each group- split class in ½

I will model how to count and use manipulatives in a small group setting. It will go more in depth with each group. Teacher will have note taking materials to take adequate notes on the students. We will come up with a quick rules chart of what to do and what not to do with manipulatives. This will be on a laminated chart attached to the box.

Instructional Assistant: Will teach students how to make numbers correctly using the # poem (which is listed in Math Workstations). The students will have white boards, markers and erasers to show work on. IA will model the number and then students will follow. Numbers to be taught:  First day: 0,1 Second day: 2,3 Third Day: 4,5 Fourth Day: 6,7 Fifth day: 8,9.

Each day will begin with a review of the previous numbers and then the two new numbers will be taught.