Dear Lord Jesus

I pray this dear family will come through this severe testing and trial, for surely it is so severe. To be separated from your dear children, when you know in your heart you are innocent of all accusations against you.

Surely this is a case of suffering for righteousness sake; you raise your children according to the bible, and for that you are punished?

You said these things would happen. So dear Lord, I am not in this position, imprisoned, separated from my dear children; I am comfortable, but I cannot sit quietly and ignore the plight of this Christian family. Please show me Lord Jesus how to pray, what else I can do besides praying.

I think of the other Christian organisations and I am perturbed Lord why this family are not on their mailing lists? Surely every Christian organisation in the UK should be shouting from the rooftops regarding what is happening to this family?

Lord, I thank You for Sabine who is keeping me informed. I thank You for Julia who first told me about this family. I thank You for Belinda who is attending the Court this week. I thank You for every person who has come alongside this family, and trying to help them the best way they know how.

Lord, I pray each of us might see from Your perspective, because we know from our own perspective we are so limited. I pray the faith Gloria Musa preaches about will be the faith that will fill our hearts now. Let the sermons she preaches on You Tube fire our hearts up to believe as we pray to the Lord for her release from prison, and the release of her husband, and for the children to be reunited with their parents.

I pray for those individuals who first started the malicious accusations against this godly family; have mercy upon the accusers. I pray Lord You will take a fine tooth-comb and examine every piece of evidence and see whether any of it shows the Musa’s are guilty of any wrongdoing. I sense in my spirit Lord this is a case of an innocent family being punished by a corrupt system where Christians are treated with contempt by many.

I know good will ultimately come from all of this because that is what Your word says. Joseph son of Jacob was accused of rape and falsely imprisoned, and when he was finally released he was elevated to a high place in Government. He forgave those who had committed crimes against him, when they knelt before him in humility. I pray those who have committed crimes against the Musa family will be brought very low, so they might acknowledge their wrongdoing and seek to put right their wrong. I thank You for the whistleblower; protect this person, and may other whistleblowers come to the fore and cast light on all of this and speak the truth. I pray the forces of light unite, and may this story go far and wide. Amen.

Prayer for Chiwar and Gloria Musa and Children

by Abi (and Dave) » 22 May 2012, 02:46:14

Abba, please intervene for this family and all the other families who are being abused by the court systems...not only in the UK, but in all of Europe and even in our own country and communities. b'shem Yeshua

22.5.12  4.33am

Lord Jesus, Creator, King of the Universe, Judge of all Judges, of all flesh...hear our prayers for the Musa family. Shine Your light on all those involved in this case and cause them to seek the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Preside over all the proceedings tomorrow and let your Spirit of love prevail. Bring tears of joy through the suffering, the joy of Your salvation. I pray for the foster families of the Musa children, let their hearts come under the anointing of Your Spirit, and may all be done according to Your direction. Amen.

RE: Haringey Council: the worst of all child snatching cases in criminal court for 4 weeks


Sabine K McNeill details




'Belinda McKenzie'

Thank you, Jackie!

Belinda who will attend court every day and will keep people informed.

Sighs and hopes!!!

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Subject: Fwd: Haringey Council: the worst of all child snatching cases in
criminal court for 4 weeks

Thank you for this Sabine. I just cannot get my head around all of this. How
anyone can treat this family like this. Lies and more lies have been told. I
just hope more and more people will hear about it, and those who are guilty of
all these crimes against an innocent family will be held accountable.
I appreciate you keeping me informed.
Kind Regards
Jackie Holden
Cornwall. UK

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Subject: Haringey Council: the worst of all child snatching cases in criminal
court for 4 weeks

Publicity Online
PR for Victims of White Collar Crimes
through Blogs, Petitions, Twitter and Facebook

A “Mash-Up” of the Forum for Stable Currencies
Web Publisher: Sabine K McNeill, Director, 3D Metrics; Facilitator:
Brad Meyer, Collaboration Ltd

NEWS  RELEASE                                                                  20 May 2012
Four-Week Criminal Trial Starting Monday, May 21st,
Wood Green Court, London N22, 10am
for Nigerian Couple Imprisoned since 28th November 2011 - wanting their
7 Children back from Haringey Council
Nigerian Bishop Gloria Musa[1] and her husband Joseph Chiwar Musa were
found guilty of having drugged their then youngest child in a secret
Family Court hearing on 28th November 2011. Gloria overheard the
President of the Family Division say to the Officer of Haringey Police
“they must not get bail”. Two bail applications have been refused,
since they were imprisoned at the Family Court.
Their first five children were taken by eight Haringey Police officers
in April 2010, without any legal paperwork. Ten days later, a letter
was produced[2] that was supposedly written by the eldest daughter.
This letter is now said to have been lost by Haringey Police. Other
allegations followed, such as the mother being a sex worker. A DNA test
proving the father to be the same for all children, was artificially
delayed for months, while contact sessions with the children were being
cancelled or ignored, even though the parents had to travel to Kent. A
judge had ordered for the children to be ‘cared’ for in the London
area, but it is typical for Social Services and Local Councils to act
above the law.
In fact, three hours after the birth of the sixth child, nine police
officers showed up in hospital, strangled the mother, puller her arms
and legs, took the baby and left her unconscious, with permanent
injuries on her leg. Since the baby ‘failed to thrive in care’, she was
returned. A specially ordered vaccination seems to have caused the
temperature that made the parents take her to hospital. There she was
administered ketamine, a drug that shows up as opium in the blood. Sir
Nicholas Wall, the President of the Family Division, said
“professionals don’t lie” and came to the conclusion that, “on the
balance of probabilities”, the parents must have drugged the baby.
Since then, Prof. Ireland published her widely published report[3]
about the lack of qualification of ‘expert witnesses’.
In the criminal court hearing, the prosecutor will now have to convince
a jury “beyond all reasonable doubt”, i.e. the scrutiny with which the
evidence is examined, is much higher. Does this family have human
rights?[4] quotes a whistleblower in The Telegraph in December 2010: At
a recent case conference, the social workers admitted that maybe they
had made a mistake, and that the mother they had falsely accused was in
fact devoted and blameless. But apparently, because of “press interest”
in the case, the officials agreed that the council could not afford the
very damaging publicity which might follow if the unhappy children were
reunited with their parents. It was therefore vital that the council
should continue to justify its actions.
The seventh child was born in prison and immediately taken off the
mother, thus violating the baby’s human rights[5] as well as the
Only people who have become victims of child snatching[7] or other
white collar crimes[8] can believe the pattern that is emerging: when
somebody in any institution makes a mistake, colleagues and all other
institutions go to any length to cover them up. This includes
committing criminal acts. Hence the world wide protest against child
abuse on March 6th 2012[9], the recent two week demo Judiciary guilty
of Criminal Acts[10] and Abolish the IPCC[11], which resulted in the
Chairman of the Home Select Committee announcing a public inquiry into
the IPCC.
An inquiry into child protection is currently being carried out by the
Education Select Committee[12]. Our submissions can be found as a
general overview[13] and a portfolio of nine cases[14].
For further information, please contact Sabine K McNeill on 07968 039
141 or

Notes to Editors:
John Hemming MP[15] with his Justice for Families Campaign[16] has over
1,600 cases on file and says that “Social Services don’t get involved
when they should and do get involved when they shouldn’t.
The online petition The Secrecy of the Family Courts should be lifted
NOW[17] has been signed 957 times so far, with most remarkable
Ian Josephs, a former Local Councillor of Kent, publishes Forced
Adoption[19] handles 3 – 6 new cases every day and acknowledges the
Musa case to be the worst of all, together with Christopher Booker[20]
of The Telegraph who has written more articles about this case than any



From Jackie Holden: I just came across this on-line:

Sent: Tue, 6 July, 2010 23:45:50

Subject: questions for Haringey from Christopher Booker



To: Haringey Borough Council

From: Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph


Questions regarding Haringey Social Services department, Chiwar and Gloria Musa and their children,


 I am planning to run an article in my Sunday Telegraph column concerning Mr and Mrs Musa, currently resident in the borough, and the removal by Haringey social workers of their six children, including a baby born on 11 June 2010,

 I understand that under legal constraints I may not be able to name the family, but I would be grateful for answers to a number of questions concerning this case, I have spoken at length with Mrs Musa and read various of the papers presented to the court. I am struck by the some of the apparent contradictons in the versions of this affair given, on the one hand, by and on behalf of the Musa family and, on the other, by Haringey social services.. I would therefore appreciate guidance from the council as to how some of these contradictions might be explained,

 According to Mr and Mrs Musa, they were married 11 years ago and have had six children, all fathered by the husband. Five were removed from their home by Haringey earlier this year and put into foster care, currently outside London in Kent. A seventh child was born on 11 June and forcibly removed from the mother early the following morning.

My questions relate to each of these two episodes in turn,

  According to Mrs Musa’s account and the various papers I have seen, the main reasons given for removal of the five children were, firstly, that she was a ‘sex worker’ and, secondly, that there was the evidence of a handwritten note produced by the council, purporting to have been written by the eldest daughter Favour, alleging that she had been beaten and maltreated by her mother.

 I would value clarification on several points here.

The only evidence I have seen to support the allegation that Mrs Musa was engaged in prostitution is a report citing Haringey SSD which quotes Mrs Kartallozi of CARIS stating that ‘although she has no evidence she feels that mother may be a sex worker’. A subsequent note on the SSD’s internal Strategy Discussion concerning Mrs Musa’s unborn child, held on 25 February, includes the line ‘Not engaging with the No Recourse team ticks all the boxes of a sex worker’.

1. Does Haringey have any more direct evidence to confirm the allegation that Mrs Musa has been working as a prostitute?

I have seen both the note allegedly handwritten by Favour Musa and a copy of a letter written by her as a school exercise, On the face of it there seems to be a very significant difference between the handwriting in these two documents.

2. Did Haringey commission any expert graphologist to examine these two documents to determine whether they were written by the same person?

3. Did Haringey show the letter to Favour Musa to ask her to confirm whether or not she had written it?

I gather that Haringey disputes the claim of Mr and Mrs Musa that all their children were fathered by Mr Musa,

4.  Has the council had any request for DNA tests to be made to establish whether the children have different fathers, or has the council itself asked for such tests to be made to confirm its view that they have different fathers?

I am also puzzled by other discrepancies between Haringey’s various accounts of the family’s lifestyle and accounts given by others. The School Home Support officer of St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School, for instance, describes the children as ‘happy, settled and high achievers’. Even the social worker who more than once visited the home described two of the girls ‘sitting quietly with books’, and that on each occasion the children were ‘watching a religious DVD on a small TV’. This provoked the social worker to comment that she ‘observed very little stimulation in terms of toys and play equipment’. But this hardly in itself seems to be confirmatory evidence that the children were being neglected, maltreated and unhappy, or that thy were living in the home of a typical ‘sex worker’,

After their removal from their parents, the five children were sent into foster care and are now in Kent, a considerable distance from London,

5   Can Haringey explain why, since the children are still allowed contact with their parents, it was necessary to send them so far from home, necessitating considerable inconvenience and cost to the parents?

I finally turn to the circumstances surrounding the forcible seizure of Mrs Musa’s baby in hospital on the early morning of 12 June this year. According to Mrs Musa, she was informed on 24 April that her baby would be taken from her when it was born in June, She was delivered before arriving at the hospital, and was breastfeeding her daughter at 3am when the room was entered by three social workers and five policemen. The baby was snatched from her with considerable force and taken away, She was then told that, because the social workers had nowhere to take the baby, it would be kept in another part of the hospital, where Mrs Musa would be asked to make regular visits to breastfeed the baby until she herself was discharged. This continued between Saturday 12 June and Tuesday 15 June, since when Mrs Musa has not seen her child.

6.  Can Haringey comment on the accuracy of this account of what happened on the early morning of 12 June and subsequently?

7. Is it true that five police officers were involved in the seizure of the baby, and if so, can Haringey explain why it was considered necessary to involve so many officers to remove a newborn infant from the arms of its mother?

I may have other supplementary questions to ask when I have seen the council’s response to these questions, but I would be grateful for emailed answers to these as soon as possible.

The provisional deadline for my article is tomorrow afternoon, Thursday.

With many thanks,

Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph.