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Graeme Donald Kent Sutherland

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Freelance Full stack Web and Software Engineer.  Python, Django and JavaScript specialist.  Scrum master. Full stack experienced through development methodology, tools, front-end and back-end software development, testing, integration and deployment across a range of Linux environments.

Over 20 years of commercial software development experience across a range of languages and methods.

Certified Scrum Master, experienced with a range of agile and traditional development methodologies, a trained group facilitator and management consultant.

Recent Professional Experience

Freelance Lead Python/Django Developer (DevOps)

Pearson Education

August 2012 - current

Established and lead development of a set of Django apps and projects to provide Single Sigonon (SSO) and Internationalization tools and applications for full user lifecycle.  Involves Development, Scrum, TDD, Establishing and maintaining processes for testing, code review, continuous integration, releases. Development in Python for Django, and Javascript includes working with existing SOAP and REST APIs, developing new, well documented REST APIs, HTML, and Javascript (Twitter Bootstrap). Internationalized into at least 15 languages.

Freelance Lead Django/Javascript Developer

Free Beer

June-July 2012

Re-development of existing catering menu planner web app, including rebuilding backend from custom python into Django and re-building front end Javascript into modern html5 and jQuery.

Freelance Senior Python Developer Python/Repoze.bfg/WebSSO Development

Large Blue

Dec 2011 - July 2012

Development of components, test and documentation for large-scale collaboration platform based around Repoze.bfg.  Agile, TDD development, with high level of test coverage. Involving technologies including SOAP (suds), zodb, zc.buildout, repoze.who, full Python implementation of WebSSO implementation to bank security standards.  Oracle configuration and implementation.  Buildout, deployment tools and release management.

Lead Python Django Web Developer

Metta Eggs

Dec 2011 - Feb 2012  + ongoing

Full development of website using Python/Django, feincms and Twitter bootstrap. Included entire site development, including CSS, HTML5, Javascript front end components based around Twitter bootstrap, plus custom content application to work with feincms. Includes basic facebook integration. Fabric scripting for automated deployment into AWS.

Senior Python Developer: Python / Django / MongoDB / MySQL / AMQP / TDD / SOA / Agile  - Full Scrum Environment

Glasses Direct

Sep 2011 to mid Dec 2011

Python/Django Developer of services based around Python and Django in a full Scrum  and TDD environment developing a range of services deployed with AMQP queues, MongoDB and MySQL with a focus on a service oriented architecture with multiple services using RabbitMQ  queues.

Senior Python / Repoze.bfg / Django / JavaScript Developer

Large Blue

April  - Aug 2011

Senior Python/Javascript developer  for a pair of projects involving building restful API components,  models, and view for a Repoze.bfg large scale collaboration web application,  and lead developer of a Python/Django competition web app integrated with Facebook.  This was agile development performed in a TDD environment with high coverage levels.

Involved technologies including:  HTML5, CSS transitions, jQyery, Google and GeoNames Map APIs, server and client side image processing, extensive Facebook application and integration.

Lead Python/PHP/JavaScript/jQuery/Facebook Developer

Plugin Media Limited

Nov 2010 - April 2011

A range of lead developer roles across three projects:

Lead Python/Django/jQuery Widget Developer

TrickleStar Limited

July 2010 - Nov 2010

Development of carbon and energy calculator to highlight savings in range of TrickleStar products.  This is based on Django and jQuery and the Sqwidget widget framework. Deployed with Django-nonrel to Google App Engine.


Lead jQuery Widget Developer

Dharmafly Limited

April 2010 - August 2010

Development of major new version of the BBC World Service Widget, involving major development of the open-source Sqwidget widget framework with JavaScript / JQuery, plus perl compilation tools to compile to Facebook, UWA widgets and iGoogle widgets.


Lead Drupal / PHP / Python Developer and CO2 Measurement Specialist

Public Creative Limited

May 2009 - April 2010

Development, support and ongoing maintenance of a group-based energy and resource measurement website for Global Action Plan.

See htttp://

Senior Python Django / Twitter API Developer

Dharmafly Limited

April 2009 - June 2009

Development of Twitter aggregation tool to inject relevant journalist’s Twitter content into BBC World Service web pages.


Lead jQuery Widget Developer

Dharmafly Limited

November 2008- March 2009

Development of first version of the BBC World Service Widget, including deployment


PHP/MySQL Developer

Global Action Plan

July 2007-April 2009

Ongoing design and development of the Global Action Plan EcoTeams web tool, including turning backend processes into an automatic self-service web application to social measurement.

Co-Founder, Director Operations and Engineering

Recommendation Ventures

August 2006 – June 2010

CTO of Recommendation Ventures, which delivered high-quality recommendations as web services. Leading technical direction for new social recommender, Took a startup concept through development of prototype to launch to ongoing operations.

Senior Java Developer

UBS Investment Bank

July 2006 – May 2007

High performance Java software design and development to meet needs of global fixed interest securities pricing.

(Further details available on request, covering a range of contracts and permanent positions from 1988 onwards, or see my linkedin profile at:


Over 20 years commercial software development across a broad range of technologies, development languages and development tools. Current deep skills are listed here only.

Web development:

Django / Python / cherryPy / TurboGears / Pylons/ Repoze.bfg

Drupal / PHP

JavaScript and JQuery, HTML5

Facebook integration

(X)HTML, HTML5 features, CSS

Apache / Linux / UNIX / LAMP environments

MySQL and Postgresql, Amazon SimpleDB

Google AppEngine

Amazon AWS, EC2

Git, Subversion, VSS, CVS

General Software Development:

Java, C, C++, Perl

Large range of assembly and scripting languages


Scrum, agile and traditional development methodologies

Project Planning and Management

Trained Group facilitator and management consultant


B. Eng (Communications), Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia

Feb 1984 - Nov 1988

Activities and Societies: Education Vice President - Curtin Student Guild, Independent Chairperson - Curtin Student Guild, Student Representative -Curtin University Council


Scrum Alliance (CSM)


Available on request.

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