Algebra II

Honors Contract

Mr. Friedman ‘10-’11 School Year

Student’s in Mr. Friedman’s classes interested in taking the course for Honors Credit this year must agree to the following requirements:

Students are also reminded that once deciding to take the course for Honors Credit, they may not change their designation for any reason after the 20th day of school.

I, ___________________________________________, a student of The Woods Charter School in Mr. Friedman’s Algebra II class, agree to the terms and conditions described above.  I believe that I am ready, willing and able to adhere to the requirements for maintaining an Honors-level status in this course.  I understand that, regardless of the reason, I may not change my decision after the 20th day of school.


Student’s Signature                                        Date

I, ___________________________________________________, parent or guardian of the student above, understand the Honors Contract and am aware of the requirements.


Parent/Guardian Signature                                Date