Teacher's Name: Nicole Sherman___________           Observer: ________________________

Class Taught: ______EDU 255________________          Date: 10/27/10_______________________

Lesson Focus: ___Buroinjin Offense_______________________________________________

Directions: Write down the statements the teacher makes to the entire class, not to groups or individuals, about motor skills - not about behavior or management. At times you may need to abbreviate but try to capture the intent of the meaning. When the lesson is over, classify each statement as informing (task), extending (tasks), refining (cues), or applying (challenges), then graph the statements in the order in which they occur.

Example: 1. Throw the ball at a target on the wall (Inform)

1. We’re playing every ones it tag, anyone can tag anyone (Inform).

2. If you get out start passing the ball with a partner (inform).

3. Dribble towards defender, side step, and pass off. (Refine).

4. Or he can do a spin dodge past the defender. (Refine)

5. Common mistake is getting to close; you want your space to dodge. (Extending)

6. The defender will be inactive in this drill (informing).

7. Defenders arms will now be active so make sure you get around (extending).

8. When on offense count how many times you can get around, highest # will win (applying).

9. The partner will throw to you at different angles, up high, down low, sides (informing).

10. Be on your toes, knees bent, hands up, and eyes alert (refining).

11. Really try to psych them out (extending).