Kaggling in the Cloud: Launching an Instance

With Data Science Linux

HINT: Follow the red rectangles

1. Go to aws.amazon.com and signin to the “AWS management Console”

2. Click on EC2

3. Far left.  Click on “Security Groups”

4. setup your default security group with SSH access

5. Now we are ready to launch an instance

6.  Make sure you are in the “N. Virginia Region”

Click on the community AMIs tab (top middle)

Click on “Public Images” in the drop down to the left

Do a Search For “BigDataR”

Select the Image with name “ACM Hackathon 2012”

7. Select m1.large images to start.  After that m2.xlarge or c1.xlarge should do the trick

8. Give the instance a name, So you can remember what the heck this machine is.

9. No need for a key, there is a password baked in (more on that later)

10.  Use your default group (or whatever group you set up ssh on)

11. LAUNCH!!

12. After the instance shows running with status checks 2/2.  Click on it.  Copy and paste the DNS address: (show highlighted in red)

13. SSH into that address

type: “yes”

type: “play”

/* Change password with this command “passwd play” */

You’re in!!