What is deals.woot?

You’ve stumbled on a pretty awesome place.  Deals.woot is a community of people, dedicated to saving each other money by posting some great deals. Those deals are voted on by the community, and the members here will chime in on the deals to share their experiences and help you make an educated decision.  It should be noted that the deals you see here are not endorsed or fulfilled by the woot staff, so user feedback and your own research should be utilized  to make an educated decision before making any purchases.

Rules of Deals.Woot

While the deals are sourced by the community, they are still moderated by the woot staff.  There are some rules or standards that exist, and may not be known to everybody, and I will attempt to cover the majority of them below:

A deal may be removed if:

-if a deal has been RIP'd already and the deal becomes valid again, this rule does not apply

-if the duplicate deal has become more popular than the original, and is more valuable to the community, the original deal may be removed instead

-Personal lubricant/adult content, guns, ammunition, tobacco/ecigarettes to name a few

-IE Phishing scam for free samples, or previous bad experiences

-Must have a buy it now button, no auctions allowed

-Must be from a reputable seller as determined by woot staff

A comment may be removed if:

A question may be removed if:

1. The same question has been asked recently

2. It is offensive in nature

Other FAQ’s

What is Ask The Community?

Just as it sounds, it is a place where you can get answers from the community.  Be careful here though.  Make sure to search before you post to see if somebody else had the same question you did, as the answer might already be available.  Also, please do not post questions where the answer is readily available via a quick google search (Like what is the Capital of Florida). Just like the deals, questions asked are also voted for, as well as their responses.

What is reputation, and how do I increase it?

Your deals.woot reputation is based off a scoring system used to determine how valuable your contributions are to the community when compared to other users.  There are several different parts to your reputation, and the easiest way to figure out how to increase yours is to follow the suggestions listed on the Leaderboard, however here are some tips to get you started:

Can I post deals for my own store or website?

Simply put, yes you can.  If you are going to post deals for a company you own or work for, you must abide by the following.  Your username must identify you as an employee of the store for which you are posting a deal (should contain the stores name).  Also, you should limit the number of posts per day to only one or two items.  While you are allowed to posts deals, we do not need your entire inventory listed.  If your company is deemed suspicious or non reputable, you may be blacklisted and/or shunned by the community.

It should be noted that the rules are subject to change at any time without notice, and the above list is based on past experiences and observation.

My deal got deleted, now what?

Well, you probably broke one of the rules above, so take a look again and see if you may have missed one.   If not, you can post in the community section to see if there is any other reason why it may have been removed.  Make sure to provide details on what/where your deal was.  Don’t worry, if your deal gets deleted for whatever reason, all of the votes and comments are gone with it, so it won’t affect your rep.

It should be noted that the rules are subject to change at any time without notice, and the above list is based on past experiences and observation.

How do I format text, links, videos, and images on deals.woot?

To format your text for use on deals.woot, you can do the following:

To add text in italic, encase it in one asterisk on each side *like this*

To add text in bold, encase it in two asterisks on each side **like this**

To add text in italic bold, encase it in three asterisks on each side ***like this***

To add a link, follow this format [This is a link to google](www.google.com)

To add an image, follow this format ![Thisisadescription](www.website.com/picture.jpg)

To add a video, follow this format ![Thisisadescription](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0)

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are added to each post to help people find things when searching.  They should be generic and not item specific.  For example, if you are posting a deal for a drill a good meta tag would be home-improvement or tools.  There is no need to restate “drill”, because it is probably already in your title or description.  Look at previous meta tags to get a feel for what you should be using.  Moderators will often change your tags to help make your posts more easily searchable.  Here are a few comments from staff regarding meta tags:

We use tags for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We're working on being more consistent in tagging questions (and deals) to aid in searches.

For the Deals side, they use tags that match the high-level categories you see at most large online retail sites: clothing, shoes, jewelry, baby, electronics, video-games, etc. Note that two-word tags are connected via a hyphen such as home-improvement.

Ask the Community

The same tags noted above are used in AtC when products are discussed such as requests for product suggestions.

In addition, there are other tags that are commonly used such:

Holidays: christmas, new-years, thanksgiving

General Interest: parenting, health, relationships, food, restaurants, music & many more.

Chat is used with the tag isn't really related to a deal or product. That is, a question that spawns general discussion.

Meta is used for anything that involves Woot! or any of its sites, features, suggestions, ordering, shipping, etc.

How do I tag somebody in a post?

If you want to tag somebody in a post, simply add an @ sign before their username.  For example: Thanks @lichme would tag lichme in a post.  If you tag somebody, and they have their notifications enabled, they will be alerted of the comment via an email. If a username contains spaces, tag these users with square brackets around the @ sign and username, for example: [@username with spaces]

Why can’t I vote on anything?

In order to be able to vote, you must have made at least one purchase on any of the woot sites.  This is to prevent spammers from voting up their own deals, or for trololols to mess up the system.

I ordered something from deals.woot, how can I track/cancel it?

You didn’t actually order anything from deals.woot, because they don’t actually sell anything.  They just provide links to deals from other online retailers.  If you feel you made a purchase from woot, and want to check the history, you can look at all of the Stuff You’ve Bought here.  Otherwise, check your email for purchase confirmations from the specific retailers you bought from, and contact them directly.

I own a store, can I add my own deals?

If you own a reputable store, you can add deals for it as long as your username reflects the fact that you are an employee of that store.  Also, do not spam the community with a ton of them (there’s no point, deals from the same site get grouped and hidden anyways).

What’s with all of the <insert product> deals on woot?

My guess is that they have a lot of them, and want to sell them.

I like you guys, where can we chat?

This is probably the most commonly asked question.  In case you were wondering, you can find some of us idling in IRC Chat.  The easiest way to join is via http://www.wootstalker.com/chat.php  Simply enter in your desired username, and connect.

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