Monday, August 25, 2008 from 10AM to 12:25 PM

Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room


Don Goodmanson, Stu Hamilton, Jerry Horsager, Dick Jorgensen, John McKinney, Sharon Natzel, Larry Roberts, Lou Schultz and Guest Presenter: Ken Grob, COLA

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Larry Roberts, President.  All were welcomed.

Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA) President, Ken Grob presented what our Long Lake Area Association (LLAA) membership in COLA supports.  There are 30 Associations/40 Lakes in Hubbard County COLA.  The 6 Standing Committee’s are:  Education/Communications, Government-Civic, Government-LGU, HLRP LMP, Membership/Attendance, Aquatic Invasive Species and continued cooperation with Minnesota Waters and their Public Policy Committee and sharing between other COLAs.

The COLA website is www.mnwaters.org/hubbardcola for further details.  Our websites can be linked.  COLA also places some information in the Enterprise.

•LLAA email coordinator for COLA:  Barb & Larry Roberts

•John McKinney is the LLAA Government-LGU rep for COLA

•COLA is requesting lake associations designate a second volunteer representative; Bill Anderson is current LLAA representative.  We need an additional volunteer, perhaps one from each neighborhood.

•Doug Kinsley, DNR Fisheries is who LLAA works with on questions regarding walleye stocking.

•COLA Handouts were also provided:

oCOLA – Net Expenses: Detail by Fiscal Year FY2003-4 through proposed FY2007-8

oCOLA Objectives for 2008 (Draft III)

oSummer 2008 Hubbard County COLA Update

oMN Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Invasive Species Program dated 5/19/2008: “What can your organization do to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species” The MN DNR website is www.dnr.state.mn.us/eco/pubs_invasives.html  

oMN DNR’s Aquatic Invasive Species Summary 2005-2007

oMN DNR’s Annual Report Summary for 2007 MN Shoreland Rules Update Newsletter – March 2008 and outline of issues.


Secretary’s Report for July 28th meeting was amended and approved.  The meeting minutes will be placed on the website after they are approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Lou Schultz reported LLAA current net worth is $2,383.46  Revenue sources are dues and website advertising.  Paid COLA dues of $150.  MSP.

Old Business:

Website Update: Stu Hamilton discussed the status of web ads – he will do billing for new accounts and renewals, advising Barb Roberts who updates spreadsheet.  On an ongoing basis, Barb will advise Stu when the renewals are due.

Larry Roberts reported that the Historian information by CC White is on the website.

Membership Update:  Jerry Horsager provided update on 52 paid members added since July 28, 2008.  Lou Schultz reported that the postcards work.  Many people wait to send in dues until they are billed.  A couple of neighborhoods are getting together this Fall.  The October event at Zorba’s is for all neighborhoods.  Events are posted to the website.

Two Aquatic Invasive Species Signs will be placed by Don Goodmanson and Larry Roberts once approval has been received for the north and south access.

Unknown Legend Design mentioned to Larry Roberts that the Long Lake Logo Merchandise has been selling well; www.unknownlegends@msn.com

New Business:

Mary Freeman, neighborhood 6 resigned.  Alternate Jim Hanson has agreed to become primary representative.  Larry Roberts will post notification on the website for new alternates for Neighborhoods 1 and 6.

Larry Roberts reminded all regarding the meeting in Park Rapids on 8-27-08 covering the proposed sales tax increase to fund lakes and waters.  He reported that there is a 9/6/08 Fall Fishing Classic Tournament on Long Lake.

Larry Roberts discussed seeking a chairperson for the Flotilla Study Taskforce and perhaps using Neighborhood alternates as potential representatives.

Lou Schultz is currently the contact for webmaster, Kurt Schultz.

The Executive Board Meeting will be held on Saturday, September 20, 2008 at John McKinney’s home at 10AM.  Progress on action items will be determined and winter activities planned.

The last LLAA Board meeting of 2008 is Monday, September 22, 2008 at the Chamber of Commerce at 10AM.  The meeting schedule for 2009 will be determined.

Submitted by Sharon Natzel, Secretary