BICI Report - Appendix B - CASE NO. 8 [Abdulhadi AlKhawaja]

(Examined by forensic team)

Date of statement: 3 August 2011

Statement: The detainee was arrested on 8 April 2011 while staying with his

daughters. Police and masked men in plain clothes came to the house at

night. The detainee was thrown on the ground, rolled down stairs, kicked

and beaten with sticks. His hands were cuffed behind his back and he was

blindfolded. His son-in-law was also arrested. Immediately after the arrest,

the detainee received a hard blow to the side of his face, which broke his jaw

and knocked him to the ground. He was taken to the MoI clinic and then the

BDF Hospital where he had major jaw surgery for four broken bones in his


The detainee spent approximately seven days in BDF hospital. He was

blindfolded the whole time and handcuffed to the bed with tight cuffs.

When he asked the hospital staff to loosen the cuffs, they refused. Security

personnel in the hospital threatened him with sexual abuse and execution.

They also made sexual threats against his wife and daughter. The doctor

told the detainee that he needed three weeks of care but he was taken to Al

Qurain Prison after only six or seven days.

At Al Qurain Prison, the detainee spent two months in solitary confinement

in a small cell measuring approximately 2.5m x 2m. He did not know where

he was or what day it was. There was no fresh air. He was hooded

whenever he went to the toilet. Eight days after his surgery, regular beatings

started at night. Masked guards cursed him and hit him in his head and

hands, causing swelling. They forced a stick into his anus. He was also

beaten on the soles of his feet (falaka) and on his toes. He went on a hunger

strike because he could not bear the conditions. After three days he became

so weak that he could not stand. He was asked to sign a document stating

that he was refusing to take his medication and food. He was taken to the

clinic and put on a stretcher. His ankles and one arm were tied to the

stretcher and an intravenous line was inserted despite his refusal to have this

procedure performed. He was threatened with a nasogastric tube or PEG

(tube placed surgically through the skin into the stomach), and he agreed to

stop the strike. The following day he saw a doctor. One side of his face felt

paralysed. The beatings resumed after three days and he resumed his hunger

strike. He asked to see a surgeon for his surgical wound and the paralysis in

his face, and a surgeon was brought to see him. In total, the detainee went

on three hungers strikes, the longest of which lasted three days.

The detainee was routinely beaten before and after interrogation by men in

civilian clothes and masks. He had bruises all over his body and was seen

by nurses. A ―forensic doctor‖ came with a masked guard to see him after

he had been in detention for about three weeks. In the three days prior to the

doctor‘s visit, the detainee was not beaten during interrogations. The doctor

documented injuries to his feet and right wrist. On 4 or 5 May, the detainee

was forced to apologise to the King. At one point he was taken to another

Annex B — Summary of Torture Allegations


location where he was put in a bed and threatened. A man‘s penis was put in

his face and on his back. His head hit the floor and he passed out and awoke

in the car. He was subsequently returned to his cell. A surgeon came to see

him and was angry that the surgical wounds were now more swollen.

On 8 May, the detainee went to court and was cursed and sexually harassed

in the car on the way there. He was taken to the side of the court for

―executions‖. A guard told him, ―It is a long time since we executed

anyone.‖ The detainee told the judge about the sexual harassment and

beatings in prison. As punishment, he was punched and kicked, and left in

the sun blindfolded for 45 minutes with his hands raised. He was sentenced

to life in prison, at which point he raised his hand and said, ―We will

continue this struggle for human rights.‖ In response, he was beaten by the

guards. He was handcuffed behind his back, his nose was hit against the

wall and he was hit on his face, left wrist and right leg. On 22 June, he was

taken to the emergency room at BDF.

The detainee has lost 12 kilograms during his time in detention. He suffers

several physical ailments including the following: lower spine pain when

sitting; right elbow pain; right lateral ankle pain; left facial pain; numbness

and gum pain; and he cannot open his mouth normally. He feels startled

whenever he hears the sound of a door. He sleeps only two or three hours

per night. The worst experience for him has been hearing other people being

tortured and not being able to help; this has caused him to feel ashamed.