Spanish 202 - Spring 2012 - Video Instructions

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Students will record video of conversations in Spanish and submit videos to instructors.  If you have questions, telephone us at 215-746-2660, email us at or stop by the WIC Desk or the Vitale Digital Media Lab.

Option 1: Use an iMac or a Macbook laptop

The simplest option for making these videos is to use an iMac or Macbook laptop. If you need access to one, Weigle Information Commons has four iMacs with webcams, and Macbook laptops are available in the Media Lab. You can reserve the rooms with the iMacs online.

Watch the Tutorial

1. Start iMovie (Search for iMovie using the magnifying glass at top right corner).

2. Click the videocamera icon at middle left. Your webcam will start. Click Capture to start the recording and Done to stop. You can pause along the process.

3. Your video clip will appear in your library. Drag the clip to your project to put it into your movie.

4. Save your project. Click Share and Export your video to Quicktime using the Broadband Medium preset. (This will take some time!)

5. Save your video file.

6. Use Toast to copy the file to a DVD. Stop by the Media Lab if you need help.

Option 2: Record direct to DVD in WIC

You can use one of the three videorecording rooms - Rms 127, 128 and 129 - in Weigle Information Commons. You can reserve these rooms online. Be sure to bring a blank DVD-R with you. These can be purchased at CVS or Computer Connection. DVD+R will not work in the rooms. Each time you click record, a new chapter is created on your DVD. Finish recording, play back your video to check it, finalize the DVD and you are done.

Drawback: You cannot easily edit or fix sections of your video without digitizing it. Stop by the Media Lab to learn how to do this.

Option 3: Use a Mac with an external camera

If you connect a videocamera to your Mac laptop, you can record video from a bigger area. You can reserve videocameras through our Equipment Loan program, and then follow the instructions above. The Mini-DV cameras will be the only ones iMovie can recognize. You need to connect them to your Mac with a Firewire cable, then put the camera in the record mode, not play mode. Open iMovie, then select to record from the external camera instead of the webcam. Contact the Media Lab with questions.

Option 4: Use a PC laptop

It can be complicated to make videos on the PC platform.

You can record your video using Microsoft Movie Maker or the software that comes with your PC laptop.

Record on a laptop in the WIC Data Diner booths and Group Study Rooms (Rms 116 through 123):- Watch the Tutorial (or follow our Windows Movie Maker tutorial. )

There are several hundred types of webcam video software to choose from. PCs record software in several formats. You will need to convert your video to Quicktime (.mov) format. The Vitale Digital Media Lab staff can help you with conversion issues. Save your video file and use Roxio or Easy CD Creator to move the video file to a blank DVD..

Option 5: Use a videocamera

You can reserve videocameras and tripods through our Equipment Loan program. You will need to purchase blank media (mini-DVD tapes or memory sticks) and then you can edit and convert the videos as needed in the Media Lab. We can help you get comfortable with the different models of cameras available.


Online tutorials are available for Windows Movie Maker (a free program for all PCs), iMovie versions 08 and 09, and iMovie version 06. Workshops are available for iMovie 09, and one-on-one assistance is available in the Media Lab. The WIC Desk staff can provide one-on-one assistance with Windows Movie Maker in the Data Diner Booths. You can move files from a laptop to a desktop or other location using a USB flash drive or a data DVD. Here is an instruction sheet with details on compressing your video if it is larger than 2 Gb.


Please don't hesitate to contact the WIC Desk at 215-746-2660 or the Media Lab at 215-746-2661 for assistance, or email us at