February Project Month Rules

  1. You must above all things document and post whatever you’ve been working on during the day. If it’s a physical project, then take pictures along the way. If it’s software, then provide the code. If it’s digital work, then provide a pic of how far along it has come, as well as source if applicable. If it’s a video, then get it online. The point of this month is more documentation than anything.
  2. You are not limited to a single day to work on any project. You may spend as long as you like on any project, but you must document your progress each day. You may also work on multiple projects, but need to put everything online.
  3. The blog post must be up by 7pm each evening.
  4. Your work must be show, regardless of a working or polished state. If you want to clean up your code after the post goes live, you may do so, and update it afterwards at any time. However the original code/work must still be viewable. This is also about showing progress in work, and you seldom have times to make things that both function and look nice the first time.
  5. All source must be listed under a suitable open license. This will allow others to learn from your progress and projects.
  6. You must show the work that you have done during that day. No queuing up projects already worked on. You may however improve upon an existing project and document it, but that must be stated.

The main goal for all of this is to get into a habit of documentation, and pursuing creative endeavors each day, including failures. This will hopefully also show the variety of interests you have, as anything you do that creates is fair game to get posted online. It could be as simple as a video of a cool place or thing that you saw that day. As long as something has been created and posted online by 7pm, then you are golden.