E-Day Art Lesson

2nd Grade

Faces and Feelings


8 ½ x 11 White sheet of paper



Colored pencils, crayons, or pastels


Brown Paper Bag or construction paper


Below you will find four pictures that were created by a famous artist named Paul Klee.  Each picture has one big shape.  The big shapes are faces.  Take another look at the pictures.   Can you tell what feelings they are showing?  Are they happy, sad, angry, mad, worried, scarred, etc.  What parts of each face can show feelings?

                       A. Paul Klee- Mask of Fear 1392                        B.  Paul Klee – Two Heads

Image via Modern Art Reproductions                            Image via SoHo Art                   

C.  Paul Klee- Arab Song 1932                        D.  Paul Klee- Senecio 1932

              Image via All Paintings                                Image via All Paintings


 Gather all your supplies.

Look carefully in a mirror at the shape of your head. Decide what shaped head you want.  Is it square, oval, circular, etc…

Cut out a large shape for the type of head you want out of a brown paper bag or construction paper.   Glue your shape to another large piece of paper.

Next, look carefully at the shape of your eyes as you make an angry, mad, happy, or sad face.  Draw your eyes on the shape you cut out.

Now add your nose, mouth, hair, ears, neck, and shoulders all by looking in the mirror for the shape and the placement of each.

Once you are happy with your picture in pencil, add color with colored pencils, markers, or pastels to add things like hats, glasses, hair, jewelry, etc.

Sign your picture in the bottom right hand corner along with the date.

On the back, write a complete sentence to answer the following questions.


What shape did you cut out for a head?

What shape did you draw for your eyes?

What things showed that your figure was happy, sad, excited, scared, etc?

If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?