Nebraska Careers Connections (NCC) Account Set-up

Follow the steps below to create your Nebraska Careers Connections Account

1)        At the NCC home page click the “Log In” link.

2)         Click on the “New Users Register Here!” link.

3)        Click in the bubble to the left of “student”.

4)        Select 12th grade in the student’s drop down menu to the right of “student”.

5)        Click “continue”

6)        Enter your personal information: First and Last names, gender, birth date & ethnicity.

7)        Enter your organizational information: high school graduation year, NO STUDENT ID,                 access code = 1031, postal code = 68840

8)        Enter your: mrstall email address, phone number, address.

9)        Enter your username and password, these should be the same as your mrstall login                 information:  place the numbers 12345 after your user name (example: leons12345).

10)        Click “register”.