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        Latest Price Check : 9/6/2012

        Quick FAQ

Q: What it is telling me?

A: It simply shows you the average return you will get from each individual unboxing based off of market value and estimated unboxing % of each item in each crate.

Q: How does it work???

A: Each series crate gives you a different set of items. Based off hundreds of unboxings, tf2wiki has an estimated unboxing percentage of each item from each crate. With that information, the spreadsheet then takes the market price of each item either the default or from your own edited prices and multiplies, averages, and then subtracts the original cost of the crate. Now you have the (4) Return value of each crate! Thats all there is to it!

Q: I dont like how you are forcing your fancy-pants prices on me! I want to set my own prices!

A: Well you can! All you need is a google account! You make a copy of the template included in the spreadsheet and input your own prices below in the prices Section.

Remember. Everything is valued in SCRAP so 3 = 1 Reclaimed and 9 = 1 Refined

Q: This is really useful! What can I do to help?

A: The best thing you can do right now is TELL your friends! Its the best thing you can do to get this spreadsheet known in the community!                 


All prices included in this spreadsheet are in Scrap Value (ScrV) This simply means value in scrap metal. A ScrV value of 3 would be 1 Reclaimed and a value of 9 would be 1 Refined. All prices included reflect real word data as precisely as possible, usually by using the TF2 Community Items & Hats Pricing Guide and TF2 Warehouse in conjunction with personal research at trading websites such as TF2Outpost or TF2TradePost. Prices are updated usually at least once a week.

•        For Advance Users:

To use this spreadsheet on your own you must have a Google Accounct of Gmail Account (Get one here). After you have got a Google account, grab a free copy of the template here, this allows you to tweak the prices and change the fields to your liking.

•        Using the Calculator:

Currently The calculator is NOT BEING UPDATED! Contact me if you use it and want me to keep it updated.

The calculator is a simple and easy tool that will tell you how much you will gain/lose from opening a specific amount of crates of varying series. Currently the calculator supports up to four different series numbers at one time.

1. Enter the price you are paying for keys in the price sheet.

2. Enter the Series # of each different series you are opening under the S. # Column (Up    to four)

3. Enter the amount of crates you are unboxing of each series under the Amt. Column (The default example show someone unboxing ten series 19 crates)

4. The calculator with then show you how many crates you are opening and the gross/net gain you are making in both scrap and refined slong with estimated unusual unboxing %

•        Changing Prices:

Just edit the Scrap Values in the Price Sheet and the prices will automatically chance according to your changes. Some prices are lumped together such as cheap paint, craft hats, and mid tier craft hats. If you wish to change the prices manually, for example, you plan on selling the Hustler’s Hallmark for 1.44 ref each (13 scrap) or purple paint for 1 Reclaimed (3 Scrap). You must use scroll down to the Crate Viewer and manually enter the values into the ScrV column.