Hackerspace KL Annual General Meeting, 16th January 2011

Date: 16th January 2011

Location: Hackerspace KL

Meeting starts: 10.20 am

Meeting ends: 12.00 pm

Meeting minutes notes by: Amin Hamid



  1. Meling Mudin
  2. Earl Marcus Tan
  3. Amin Hamid
  4. Adam Giles
  5. Tinker Leong
  6. Jordan Lou
  7. Moo Kok Leong
  8. Mun Kok Ming
  9. Tracey Wong
  10. Niresh Singh
  11. Brian Ritchie


  1. Chin Hooi Chee
  2. Shue
  3. Azmir
  4. Alnadzwi
  5. Fitri
  6. Ping Onn Cheng
  7. Hanafie


  1. Election of new committee members
  1. Last years’ committee members:
  1. President - Meling Mudin
  2. Vice President - Earl Marcus Tan
  3. Secretary - Brian Ritchie
  4. Treasurer - Azrin Madin
  5. Committee Members: Niresh Singh, Amin Hamid, Jordan Lou, Leong Seng Chin
  6. Permanent Committe Members: None
  1. New committe members:
  1. President - Mun Kok Ming
  2. Vice President - Leong Seng Chin
  3. Secretary - Amin Hamid
  4. Treasurer - Niresh Singh
  5. Committee Members:
  1. Jordan Lou
  2. Adam Giles
  3. Moo Kok Leong
  4. Tracey Wong
  1. Permanent Committee Members:
  1. Earl Marcus Tan
  2. Meling Mudin
  3. Mun Kok Ming

  1. Financial status report

Current account balance is  RM2017.23

Current membership count (paid members as of January )  -  10         

  1. Review of key masters
  1. Current key masters:
  1. Meling Mudin
  2. Earl Marcus Tan
  3. Amin Hamid
  4. Tinker Leong
  5. Ahmad Zulkarnain
  1. New key masters: There are no suggestions to change and add new keymasters, so the current list remains the same.

  1. Status of ROS registration

Brian Ritchie lost the receipt, has to go to ROS and ask them to do a search or submit a new form. Brian to visit ROS and update by Friday (21/1/2011).

  1. HSKL university roadshow sub division members
  1. Mun Kok Ming

  1. Hardware sponsorship

Below are the list of hardware that we wish to have. Marcus, Kakeman and Mel are currently working on the sponsorship proposal.

The final proposal will take about one month to prepare. Adam Giles will be helping out with the proposal as well.

  1. Plans/activities for 1st quarter 2011
  1. FreeBSD Unix-g33k III starting on 13th February
  2. HSKL Security Meetup - started in January, meetup is every first Tuesday of the month
  3. Electronic Fridays meet-up every Friday
  4. Form for those interested to give talks/presentations is available online - https://spreadsheets2.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dFNKb0ZfYUo3MWxXb1ktOGdPTThvVWc6MQ#gid=0 - only 1 sign up so far

  1. Amendment of HSKL constitution to prohibit discussions on politics, race and religion at HSKL - Brian to amend the HSKL constitution (Malay and English version).

  1. Other matters
  1. Regular monthly committee/members meeting to discuss/resolve/follow-up with  issues/tasks/activities of HSKL
  1. Kakeman to ensure that the meetings will take place at least once a month
  1. Reaching out to other groups to promote and use the space for meetings. There will be more discussions about this
  2. Amend HSKL website to add more details about HSKL