JSCNC Newsletter

Jun 2011

2011 Executive Committee


Mr. Pravin Shah

(919) 859-4994


Vice President

Mrs. Rekha Banker

(919) 676-4548



Mr. Anand Shah

(919) 678-9475


Food Coordinator

Mr. Ajay Shah

(919) 655-5084


Youth Coordinator

Mrs. Rita Lodaya

(919) 240-5564


Mrs. Sejal Shah





Hindu Center


Mr. Pravin Shah

(919) 859-4994


Mrs. Rekha Banker

(919) 676-4548


Mr. Harshad Shah

(919) 341 8894






Mr. Pratyush Mehta

Chapel Hill, NC

(919) 967-6270


Mr. Pritesh Shah

Raleigh, NC

(919) 786-1377

Annual Camp

Mr. Kamlesh Shah

Cary, NC

(919) 270-5111

Religious Programs

Mr. Pravin Shah

Mr. Kirit Shah

Editor’s Corner

Jai Jinendra,

Within the next few weeks, you will start receiving emails asking you to provide your information for including in the 2011 JSCNC directory. It is important that we have your accurate email address on file. If you have not yet registered with JSCNC Google group, please make sure you do it so now. There is subscription box on www.jscnc.org. Or you can send me a note to have your up-to-date email address added.


Anand  Shah

(Secretary, JSCNC)

Inside This Issue

  1. Monthly Meeting
  2. Announcements
  3. Upcoming Activities
  4. Pathshala Corner
  5. Recipe Corner
  6. How to Support Jain Study Center of NC

1. Monthly Meeting

Our community holds its monthly meetings at the Hindu Temple in Morrisville, NC.

We invite everyone to attend the monthly meetings. Please inform our Food Coordinator, Mr. Ajay Shah for planning purposes if you are planning to attend.

Monthly Meeting Format

10:45 a.m.


11:00 a.m.

Item(s) / presentation by Paathshala children

11:15 a.m.

Administrative/Committee activities

11:30 a.m.


12:45 p.m.

Other Announcements

01:00 p.m.


We will be celebrating Father’s Day in this meeting. Please follow the guidelines for contacting our Food Coordinator. Also you MUST RSVP to the eInvitation (link below).






2. Announcements

Annual Picnic

The 2011 JSCNC committee is excited to announce continuation of this annual outdoor event. This year's picnic is combined with Father's day Celebration.

We have an exciting fun-filled day planned with activities throughout the day (Volleyball, Frizbee, canoeing and hiking. We encourage everyone to bring your favorite group activity).

In the meantime, PLEASE fill out the form (Link BELOW) so that we can have a headcount - only one entry per family.

Picnic eVite [ must RSVP by Jun 12 ]



Beech Shelter - Lake County Crabtree Park

1400 Aviation Parkway

Morrisville, NC

9:30 AM


10:00 AM


Gathia, Jalebi, tea, coffee, juice. Bagel/Cream cheese for kids

1:00 PM


3:30 PM

Afternoon snack


Cost to attend (If RSVP by Jun 12th):

Adult: $ 8.00

Youth (11-18): $6.00

Kids (5-10): $4.00

Kids (<5): Free

Cost to attend (After Jun 12th or At-the-Park):

Adult: $ 10.00

Youth (11-18): $7.00

Kids (5-10): $5.00

Kids (<5): Free

Adopt a Highway Cleanup (Spring)

Our center participates in Adopt-A-Highway cleanup twice a year. The statewide Adopt-A-Highway program was established in 1988 and is a joint effort between community volunteers and NC Department of Transportation to keep our roads clean. JSCNC adopted a stretch of Highway 54 in Cary between Morrisville Parkway and Airport Boulevard. This stretch was named in honor of Mr. Lalit Banker.

On 22nd of May, an enthusiastic group of approximately 25 volunteers woke up early to lend a hand for a good cause. The participants were treated to breakfast including masala tea. Soon thereafter, everyone broke into smaller groups and worked on portions of the assigned roadway. Due to everyone’s collective effort, such a big task was completed in no time.

Consider volunteering your time during the next cleanup. It’s a great community service and good exercise in the morning. Thank you Pritesh Shah and all the volunteers for making this year’s spring cleanup a big success.

Link to Photos


Mother’s Day Celebration

This year’s Mother’s day celebration was combined with monthly meeting (May 15th). The lunch was sponsored by Mr. Ramnik and Mrs. Lata Zota.

THANK YOU Mr. and Mrs. Zota for your support.

Link to Photos


Announcement from Fayetvilla Jain Samaj


The Fayetteville Jain Samaj had a Pratishhthha for our 24th Tirthankar, Shri Mahavir Swami, last year. We have arranged 18 Abhisheks for Shri Mahavir Swami followed by Shri Sidhhachakra poojan, to celebrate the first anniversary.On this holy occasion we are privileged to have the presence of Shri Narendrabhai Nandu from Mumbai, as a vidhikar to perform the poojan. We, the Jain Samaj of Fayetteville, NC, would like to invite you and your family to participate on this auspicious day at:

Hindu Bhavan Temple

907 Cedar Creek Rd., Fayetteville NC 28312.

Date & time: June 12th, 2011, Sunday (Jeth sud agyaras / baras), 12:39 pm (Vijay Muhurat).

Swami Vatsalya: 6:00 pm. (Courtesy of Fayetteville Jain Samaj) (Prasad / Dinner)

For those who wish to actively participate in the ceremony, we will reserve a few rooms in a nearby motel for shower & dressing purposes. Please note that rooms will not be provided for overnight stay. Please bring your personal idols (pratimajis), for the Abhishheks.


Detailed directions can be found on the web site of www.hindubhavan.org

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Daksha Gala (910)977-5948

Mr. Manish Mehta (910)494-1918

Mr. Nipun Shah (910)797-7324

Mr. Sanjay Shah (910)977-4024

Mr. Sanjay B. Shah (910)987-2571

16th Biennial JAINA Convention

As many of you might be aware, this year’s JAINA convention is in Houston, TX from July 1 - July 4. This year’s event features “JAINS GOT TALENT” (first time ever) a unique competition to show your talent and win prizes. For more details about the convention and to register online (early bird registration ends on May 15th) visit:


Mahavir Jayanti 2011 DVD Requests

If you missed the announcement, the Mahavir Jayanti DVDs are now available as a 2 DVD-set. Fill out your information by visiting the following link:


3. Upcoming Activities

Please visit http://www.jscnc.org/cal.php  The calendar has the most up-to-date listing of all confirmed activities for the year.


4. Paathshala Corner

JSCNC Pathshala serves our young kids to instill spiritual development, self-awareness and promote Jain identity in individuals, based on the principles of Jainism. The teachers pay special attention to the needs of young and older groups and have structured curriculum as such.


The Paathshala classes take place every first Sunday of the month from 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. in the Hindu Temple Cultural Hall AND on 3rd Sundays during the monthly meeting. If you plan to attend and/or need more information, please call Mrs. Rita Lodaya or Mrs. Sejal Shah. Paathshala e-mail address is JSCNCpathshala@yahoo.com.

During the last monthly meeting, the children thanked their mothers on the occasion of Mother’s day. Children recited poems, stavans and thank-yous. Check out the link to the pictures posted above. The Mahavir group read  Mata Marudevi's story during Mother's day celebration. The Mahavir group  also learnt about the Samovasaran and the attributes of Arihantas and Siddhas. Vardhmaan group(younger kids) learned about “Ashtaprakari Puja” and discussed the meaning and importance of each of them.

The committee would like to remind the parents of Paathshala kids to send in their contribution to Hindu Center of NC. This is a Hindu Center of NC requirement for all groups who use the facility. The contribution is $10 per month and you can either pay monthly or annually. Whether you have already done so or would be doing this in near future, please send an email to Mr. Pravin K. Shah and Mr. Harshad Shah letting them know.

5. Recipe Corner

No recipes this month. Submit your recipes to anand2.shah@gmail.com for featuring in the monthly newsletter. All recipes will be uploaded to www.jscnc.org Food Corner section as well.

6. Supporting our center

You can support our Center by:

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Anand  Shah

(Secretary, JSCNC)