Bronyville Episode 065 - Friendship of Interest!

Time : Saturday, PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 65 recorded on July 28, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider



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Books! [fanfic suggestions]

Topic Time! - Sunday Services and Improvised Ponies


Dear Able Cider, Sandy, that one other girl, and whoever you are interrogation this week,

AC mentioned that the email box was getting lonely so I decided I would send one in. I have some reminiscing of and event that happened a while back that I would like to bring to light.  Do you guys remember when when everybody was freaking out because Lauren Faust was not going to be as prominent in the creation of Season 2 and to eventually stop working on FiM.  How everybody thought that the show would fall apart and die.  We were silly weren't we?  I remember a more recent podcast where you asked the chat and stated that you said that most people would agree that Season 2 was phenomenal.  Funny how we are wrong sometimes.  This was just something fun I just wanted to share with you crazy people and your crazy podcast.  But before I end this, I must ask a question.  In the unlikely even that Kevin Smith took a liking to MLP and decided to make a podcast, how would your react to that.  That IS kinda your home turf. Thanks for your time and the sound of your beautiful voices every week(Hearing AC exclaim "OH NO!!" always makes my day). Sincerely.

-Elusive Shark

P.S. in the event that someone doesn't have a fic I have one to plug it is called The Stranger and Her Friend by TheUrbanMoose (  It is an early Equestria, Celesta's origins story.  It can get a bit dark at times and it is incomplete(but still updating), so the fic is not for people that don't like that. If your are looking for an Adventure fic with fun characters you might want to look that this.

First time listener, and I found it a wonderful way to spend two hours. You've got quite something going on, and I can't wait to listen to more. However, you mentioned a couple things leading me into writing this email; that you aren't receiving that much mail, and that bronies should take a lesser stance of personal approval through others.

I agreed with you on that last part for most of the show; as bronies, we really shouldn't seek out celebrities to use as a shield to 'haters'. As soon as you used the same advice towards the person asking about the spreading of the fandom, I started to disagree. I'm going to write about this solely from my own opinion; I'm sure there are others out there who feel differently, and I don't mean to represent anyone by myself.

I try to get other people into MLP for a reason really I can't explain. I don't know if anyone can, but I'd love to see someone try. It's just this idea of... passion and excitement towards the show, and it pushes so much of the community along. It's what makes up everything that we, as a community, produce. Why would you three be making podcasts, if it weren't for that very feeling? Problem is, not everyone wants to make podcasts, or music, or art. A simple output for all that pent up energy is through sharing it with others. More so than just sheer excitement, though, is the fact that I want other people to see the show, experience the community, and enjoy the things I take part in every single day. It's a wonderful fandom, and I feel like not nearly enough people have experienced something like it before. I try to get people into the community, not because I'm afraid of what they'll think if I don't, but because I care for both them and the community. I know that, twenty years from now, I will look back towards these days, and there will be a massive blip, a marker that says 'This is when you started liking MLP'. I want to share that blip with as many people as I can.

(Just a note; I'm not over zealous. I have 'hater' friends, and I don't bother them about it. In fact, I hardly try to convert people. These are my opinions, but sometimes they go through a bit of a Fluttershy filter before leaving my mouth. Not much comes out, most of the time.)

With that aside, I really enjoyed your show. I absolutely loved hearing about the German side of the community, as well as the situation of the Pirate Party from a German resident. Apparently, they've been branded with a neo-nazi stigma, for no real reason, and it's hurting their standing with the public. I actually had a chance to question a German exchange student visiting for a couple months, during my German class, and she actually responded with exactly that. I'm glad that you had guests that knew more about the Pirate party than the student, although I hardly fault her for it. It was wonderful to hear from the two of them, and I cannot wait to hear more, possibly next year. 'Dooshland' made me cringe pretty hard, though.

Fantastic show, and I'll be sure to tune in from now on. Thanks;

Patrick Voth

P.S. I guess it's the norm to stick a little bit about ponies at the end, so here: Twilight is best pony. No question about it.

Hello to all of you fine folks in Bronyville.

This past weekend I went to a tribal casino with my grandparents. Apparently they renovated a few months back so I wanted to check it out. Anyway, I only play slots and decided to put in a few bucks in a machine. A few minutes pass and I'm already down to my last spin. I look down at my pony shirt, say "C'mon AJ. Lets kick some flank." I spin my last spin, get the scatter bonus, and the free spin bonus and walk away with some extra money in pocket. (You'll never guess what I'll spend it on.)

This made me think and I want to give you guys a question: Do any of you have a favorite pony item (hat, shirt, blindbag toy, etc.) that you carry with you as a lucky charm of sorts? Not specifically to casinos, but with other things like video games or just everyday life in general.

Hope all is well everyone and I'll see you cool ponies soon!

Warm regards,


Good day, everypony in the Bronyville world...

I love this community.  The main reason that I think this group of

silly people watching cartoon colorful horses works is because

everyone, staff included, is a fan of the show, and can, and do, come

together as such.  A good example was earlier this week was M.A.

Larson and Foal Papers joking on Twitter with each other, not as

creator and consumer, but as fans.  That kind of thing makes the brony

community special, something that is rare in most communities, and

that's why I love this group.

Other stuff... favorite episode is the Canterlot Wedding... favorite

characters are tied between Pinkie Pie, because Pinkie Pie, and DJ

Pon-3, because when she has appeared on screen, she was having a good

time, and she looks awesome, probably the coolest-looking character on

the show.  Keep up the awesome work, all of you!

Maven Cash

Dear Chef, Cider, and Guest(s)

Today (July 28th) is the first time that I have listened to you live, and I just have to say that I'm genuinely excited to have the chance this week. Ok, so here is my question.

   Up here in Minnesota I help organize and lead the monthly MN Bronies meetup at the MOA. I know that both of you (Chef and AP) do things for your respective state groups a good amount of the time, whether that be organizing events or just helping out with random things. I have had some events in the past few months that I will keep disclosed to the listeners out there, but to give a roundabout description they involve the level of maturity and the conduct thereof that I expect from everyone including myself.

 Being in the NROTC here at college I take a more proactive approach towards things such as this. Since I believe the conduct we show at any public event should portray the best qualities we have to offer as bronies I have very little tolerance for conduct that could possibly put us and the fandom in a bad light. I just want to see if either of you have ever had to deal with such circumstances, and how you personally have, or think it should be, handled. I have since taken care of the problems and everything has run smoothly since, but I am still worried about the future and the obstacles that it holds.

Nevertheless I can't wait to see if you read this or not, it would kinda make my day don't-cha know. ^.^

Always a faithful listener, and new responder,


P.S. I'm going to have to go with Applecider and say Twilight is best pony, but my girlfriend disagrees saying Fluttershy is.

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Morning! Oh wow, that time of the week again, huh? Well let’s see. Oh! This week we had Emmett Hall on our show. He’s actually a storyboarder for MLP:FiM who worked on May the Best Pet Win!, Hearth’s Warming Eve, and Putting Your Hoof Down. It was a super awesome time and he wanted to know just as much about us silly fillies as we did of him! And as usual, Sandy and I cover news, fics, and in some cases scrounge up some last minute Cool Things! It was a very very interesting show of Interest!


Apple Cider

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