Phone Banking “What If’s”

What If the Voter....

Needs More Information/Facts:

You can get more information by visiting our Fact page at:

(Have this page pulled up and ready if you need to respond directly to a question)

For general inquiries, you can also email 

Sides with the Opposition:

(Address their specific concern. Read this document before you begin calling and have ready if you need it, do NOT send this link to anyone, it is for internal purposes only)

Wants to Volunteer:

That’s great, we need all the volunteers we can get! Visit: to sign up.

Wants to Donate:

Thank you so much! You can make a donation by going to our website, and clicking “Donate” on the upper right hand corner of the homepage.

Wants Bumper Stickers, Shirts or other Swag:

We have lots of great campaign merchandise for purchase on our website, go to and click on “Store” at the top of the page.