UB ALA Meeting

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

553 Baldy Hall

  1. Welcome and Call to Order (5:01 p.m.)
  1. 16 attendees
  2. For regular updates about our activities and information about local opportunities for professional development, please follow our blog: http://ubstudentala.wordpress.com/
  1. Ryan Luce, our webmaster, does regular updates on this site.
  1. ALA/NYLA Business
  1. It is not required to be an ALA/NYLA member to be a member of the UB ALA group however it is HIGHLY recommended that you do so.
  2. The joint student membership for ALA/NYLA is only $35. Download the membership form at: http://www.nyla.org/index.php?page_id=89
  3. Remember to pay your membership dues if you are already a member.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. No news to report as nothing has been spent.
  2. We have approval for the bake sale space!
  1. Tuesday, October 26th from 9-5, Baldy Lobby - HALLOWEEN themed
  1. Bake Sale Sign-up Sheet:
  1. Nicole - fudge
  2. Ari - molasses cookies
  3. Cait, Ellen, and Sarah - cookies
  4. Becca - Witch Nipples!!!
  5. Liz and Sarah - Sugar cookies with frosting
  6. Kathy - Maple glazed scones
  7. Lindsay - Organic chocolate banana walnut muffins
  8. Ryan - Scottish shortbread cookies
  9. Allison - brownies
  1. Bake Sale Sign-up Sheet to work the table:
  1. 9-10: Becca Bley, Sarah Karas
  2. 10-11: Nicole LaMoreaux, Becca, Bley, Sarah Karas
  3. 11-12: Nicole LaMoreaux, Becca Bley, Lindsay Marlow
  4. 12-1: Sarah Ryan, Becca Bley
  5. 1-2: Sarah Ryan, Becca Bley
  6. 2-3: Raquel Mendelow, Becca Bley
  7. 3-5: Becca Bley
  1. New Business
  1. Nicole has put together a wonderful new board! Check it out.
  2. Grant Street- Friday meet at 11:30 am on campus, 12 p.m. at Grant Street to meet up with the PLA to go to the Grant Street Neighborhood Community Center
  3. Discussion of computers in the Baldy 14 Lab-Ryan’s idea:
  1. Ideas Discussed:
  1. consult with Dr. Soergel at the prospect of getting new computers for the lab.
  2. keep in mind the UB computer policy.
  3. maybe write a letter to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to ask for new computers.
  4. have one person from each DLIS group create a letter to send to computer companies to request donations
  1. have the members of the group sign the final letters.
  1. talk to SUNY about providing money for the LIS department computers in the Baldy lab.
  1. Announcements and Other Business
  1. Tote Bags-Please see Aimee Levesque to purchase the $10 Mad Library Scientist tote bags.
  2. Conferences and seminars:
  1. WNYLRC Workshops:
  1. http://www.wnylrc.org
  1. each month there is an email sent out by WNYLRC on the list serv listing the workshops for the month.
  1. MLA/UNYOC 2010 Conference:
  1. http://www.unyoc.mlanet.org/
  1. Two of our own students, Jaqui McLaughlin and Arieh Ress will be presenting this year on their work done for UB Access Services and WNYLRC.
  1. ASIS&T 2010 Annual Meeting:
  1. http://www.asis.org/asist2010/
  1. past ASIS&T magazines can be found in Lockwood Library
  1. NYLA 2010 Conference:
  1. http://www.nyla.org/index.php?page_id=70
  1. will be held in Saratoga Springs
  2. if you would like funding then you can request it from the LIS-GSA.
  3. if you are interested in going and would like to carpool or share rooms please contact UB ALA to see if they can arrange for people interested to be in touch with one another.
  1. Remember GSA funding for conference attendance
  1. Always get it by the 15th of the month PRIOR to the conference
  2. http://gsa.buffalo.edu/LIS/funding.html
  1. Next Meeting
  1. Thursday, November 11 at 5:30 p.m.
  2. We will discuss professional development ideas and vote on the final choice.
  3. Sign up for November bake sale (Thanksgiving themed)
  1. Date is tentatively scheduled for November 23rd.
  1. Discuss the Wine and Cheese Networking Soiree (here we discuss library topics and job opportunities)
  1. Dates to remember
  1. MLA/UNYOC 2010 Conference - October 13-15 - Syracuse, NY
  2. ASIS&T 2010 Annual Meeting - October 22-27 - Pittsburgh, PA
  3. NYLA 2010 Conference - November 3-6 - Saratoga Springs, NY
  4. ALA 2010 Annual Midwinter Meeting - January 7-11 - San Diego, CA
  1. Adjournment (5:35 p.m.)