Spoons Rules

from: http://www.pagat.com/passing/pig.html

This version is played with a full pack of 52 cards, or more than one pack if there are more than 12 players. Four cards are dealt to each player and the remaining stock of undealt cards is placed to the right of the dealer.

The dealer draws cards from the stock, and the player to dealer's right placed unwanted cards face down on a discard pile. The rule that you can never hold more than four cards at a time still holds, and you can only discard and draw one card at a time. The dealer can discard cards and draw replacements from the stock as fast as he or she likes. The other players are restricted only by the speed at which the player before them passes on cards. When the stock is exhausted the discard pile is used as a new stock.

All players simultaneously place one unwanted card face down to their left, and then pick up the card that the player to their right has placed. Then they do the same again, and continue until someone collects four of a kind. There are no turns - the passing happens as fast as the players wish, but during the play cards must only be passed one at a time, and you must never have more than four cards in your hand at one time, so you are not allowed to pick up a new card from your right-hand neighbour until you have reduced your cards to three by discarding one to your left.

The object of the game is to collect four of a kind. The first player to collect four of a kind grabs a spoon.  Once another player has grabbed a spoon, you may grab it, even if you don’t have 4 of a kind.

There is a slight advantage in dealing in this version of the game, since as dealer you don't have to wait for your right-hand neighbour to discard. Therefore it is usually agreed that the winner of each hand (the first to collect four of a kind) deals the next.

If you are first to take a spoon and do not have 4 of a kind, you are out. Otherwise, whoever doesn’t get a spoon is out.

For this game, in addition to cards and people, you need a collection of spoons, with one fewer spoon than the number of players. The spoons are placed in the centre of the circle of players.