Science Saturday Starters (S3)

About Us:

S3 is a science outreach program run by Columbia University graduate students who are passionate about teaching science. Every month, we invite middle school students from the Double Discovery Center (DDC) to join us for a Saturday of experiments in different fields of science.

We want to inspire everyone’s inner scientist by showing that science is all around us and that science is really fun.  From demonstrating how radios work to exploring the beauty of geometry, we encourage students to explore the science that is around us everyday.  

S3 thanks Columbia University NSEC for their generous support of our programs.

Information for Volunteers:

S3 is always looking for volunteers to help us with our programs. Whether you want to plan, teach or just hang out with kids, we’d love to have your support!  We gladly welcome people and ideas from all fields of science, applied sciences, engineering, and mathematics.

S3 is flexible with different levels of involvement from volunteers. Alternatively, if you have ideas for teaching science or can point us to great teaching resources, we’d also appreciate it!  Interested volunteers should email us ( to receive information about meetings and events.

Past Events:

Making Nylon (Nov 2010)                            Solubility (Feb 2011)

Slinky Waves (March 2011)                            Solids & Mobius Strips (Apr 2011)

Contact Information:

For more information about our programs or how to get involved, please email S3 at or contact the WISC S3 co-chairs