A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Greater Lake Sylvia Lake Association (“GLSA”) was held on Saturday, August 13, 2011 at Southside Township Hall commencing at 9:00 a.m.

Present at the meeting were Board members Joe Lepley, Lisa Peery, Peggy Jo Fortner, Pat Beithon, Curt Conrad, Kent Davidson, Jerry Dock, Jerry Doffing, Carole Gertgen, Nancy Hector, Mike McNellis, Carl Swanson and Harry Wahlquist.  Board member Tom Plihal was absent.

Also present for the meeting were John Swanson and Dick Anderson.

Also present for all or portions of the meeting were  Kathy Lepley, Don Holm, Don Nelson, Jim Struble, Bert Klenk, John Swanson, Pat Ryan, John Beithon,  Muriel Rudolph, Charlie Rudolph,  L.C. Rexroth,  Dean Chenoweth, Diane Ayer, Tom Rohman, Chuck Lingen, Mary Kiecker, George Foster, Harold Sanderson, Steve Holmstoen, Jeff Simon, Rose Mary Nelson, Skip Hall, Mike Rudolph, Lolly Obena, Mike Korluka, Chris Hector,  Matt Kuusisto, Carla Struble, Mark Olson, Don Josephson, Jan Evenson, John Steenerson, Mary Jo Steenerson, Bill Grey, Sandy Grey, Susan Stochl, Brett Bullock, Ann Marie J. Maciej, Diane Swanson, Verna Dahnke, Beth Psihos, Mike Goepfrich, Jane Mosher, Don Mosher, Eric Tuck, Grayson Tuck, Tom Hansen, Warren Hartman, Eric Dressen, Paul Keskey, Pam Scott, Rob Scott, Betty Waldhauer, Jack Waldhauer, Jim Rankin, Robin Davidson, Jay Martin, Vincent Ylitalo, Todd Russ, Ken Schumacher, Debbie Schumacher, Kathy Hogan, Jack Corr, Libbie Corr, Norm Hanan, Mary Hanan, Jennifer Hanan, Marcus Hanan, Fred Johnson, Paul Ringer, Scott Ringer, Darryl Gullickson, Cheryl Gullickson, Tom Crowser, Tracie Crowser, Ryan Louald, B.A. Breese, Judy Busse, Andrea Gates, Mary Jean Kelly, Linda Christofersen, Bill Brauer, Barb Brauer, Mark Nordell, Don Josephson, Kevin Berg, Lynn Rohman, Paul Kariniemi, Gladys Kariniemi, Phyllis Latour and Russ Fortner.

Mr. Lepley, as President, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and announced that 13 of the 14 Board members were present in person and that a quorum therefore was present.  Ms. Beithon acted as Secretary for the meeting.

1.  High Water Management Update/ Emergency Slow - No Wake Rule.    Mr. Lepley began by reviewing the process for electing the members of the GLSA Board, noting that there are 14 directors with seven directors being elected each year.  He noted that the members of the Board and Board Committees serve as volunteers and Board members are elected to represent the interests of lake and GLSA members and to use their best judgment in making decisions on behalf of the GLSA.

Mr. Lepley then thanked all the GLSA members and other residents of the lake for attending the GLSA Board meeting and said that the GLSA Board met at 9:00 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month during the summer and the meetings were open to GLSA members.  He then outlined the process for comments by meeting attendees, noting that attendees who wished to make comments should complete a card with their name and people completing cards would be called on to make comments or ask questions.  .

Mr. Lepley then asked Messrs. Davidson and Swanson, who were members of the High Water Management Committee, to review actions taken by the committee in response to the high water levels on East and West Sylvia.  Mr. Davidson began by stating that the DNR Ordinary High Water Level (“OHW Level”) for the lake was slightly over 1050.  He then reviewed the water levels of the lake at various times in May, June, July and August, noting that all the readings were  above the lake’s OHW Level, with a level of 1051.4 as of the most recent date in August.  He referred to pictures showing damage to the shoreline, houses and boat houses on the lake.  Mr. Swanson reviewed actions taken in 2002 when the lake experienced high water levels and the actions taken at that time to improve drainage, including cutting the cattails in the outlet and the installation of a 48 inch culvert on the west end of the lake.

  Mr. Swanson also reviewed the difficulties in obtaining a DNR permit to cut the cattails in the outlet and to get mechanical equipment into the outlet if a DNR permit was obtained.  He also reported on his meeting with the DNR to install a permanent gauge at the public access to measure the level of the water. Mr. Davidson noted that there is only a one foot drop between Sylvia and Lake Francis and the high water level of the Crow River was also contributing to the slow drainage from Lake Sylvia.  Mr. Swanson noted that the water clarity on the lake had declined by nine inches over the summer due in part to the damage from high water levels and storms.  

Messrs. Davidson and Swanson reviewed their work earlier during the summer on a permanent slow – no wake ordinance for the lake which would have provided for a slow  - no wake zone 150 feet from shore for all boats (similar to the state regulations for jet skis) and 300 feet from shore when the lake water level was a certain level above the lake’s OHW Level.  They then reviewed the actions that resulted in the enactment by the Wright County Board of Commissioners of an emergency slow – no wake rule for the entire lake until the earlier of October 1, 2011 and when the water level of the lake drops within six inches above the OHW Level for the lake.  Mr. Lepley then opened the meeting up for comments and questions.

During the open comment period, the following persons expressed their support for the emergency slow – no wake rules on the entire lake:  Don Nelson, Steve Holmstoen, John Steenerson, Don Josephson, Rose Mary Nelson, Kevin Berg, Lilly Obeda, Matt Kuusisto, Mike Korluka, Phyllis Latour, Lynn Rohman, Todd Russ, Jay Martin, Warren Hartman, Jane Mosher, Skip Hall, Kevin Berg, Ryan Louald, Muriel Rudolph, and Barb Brauer,  The following persons expressed their opposition or lack of support for the emergency slow -  no wake rule for the entire lake:  Beth Psihos,  Jim Strauble and Lynn Rexroth.  Mr. Lepley asked Ms. Psihos and other attendees expressing opposition or lack of support for the emergency slow – no wake regulation to volunteer to work with the High Water Management Committee on a creative solution to the high water level,  The following person made suggestions for a more permanent solution for dealing with high water levels: Jane Mosher, Paul Kariniemi, Don Holm, Carla Struble, Jim Struble, Don Nelson and Paul Keskey.  

Mr. Lepley then thanked all attendees for their input and comments.  He then declared a brief recess in the meeting at 10.20 a.m.  Many of the attendees left the meeting.  Mr. Lepley then reconvened the meeting at 10:30 a.m.

        2.  2011 GLSA Summer Picnic.  Ms. Bergen then reported on the planned activities for the 2011 GLSA summer picnic to be held on Sunday, August 21 at Koinonia Center, noting that there would be door prizes, people-powered boat races, and the usual brats and potluck side dishes.

        3.   2012 GLSA Summer Picnic.  Rose Mary Nelson then presented a proposal to change the format of the GLSA summer picnic for 2012, noting the goal was to attract more families with children.  She reported that Jim and Mary Schwebel had offered to host the 2012 picnic on their property.  Ms. Nelson proposed that the picnic be held on the second Saturday of August, catered, include beer and wine, offer local sponsorships to local businesses, and include a silent auction for the benefit of GLSA and the Annandale food shelf.  The Board discussed the proposed new format and the advisability of having alcoholic beverages at an afternoon picnic with children.  After discussion, upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved a preliminary budget of $3,500 for the 2012 GLSA summer picnic with Ms. Nelson to develop a plan for a new format for the summer picnic and to present a more detailed plan to the Board for consideration at a future meeting.

        4.  Drainage at the Lake Outlet.  Messrs. Anderson and John Swanson reported on the cost to acquire mechanical weed cutting equipment to cut the cattails at the outlet between Lake Sylvia and Lake Francis, noting that the equipment would cost between $8,000 and $20,000 and would need to be stored.  They also noted that there would be DNR permitting issues and that GLSA would need to work with Lake Francis on the matter.  After discussion, the Board agreed that the GLSA should explore ways to increase the flow of water out of the lake into the outlet to Lake Francis and the DNR permitting process; however, the Board was not asked to take (and did not take) any action with respect to authorizing the acquisition of weed cutting equipment.


Mr. Lepley also noted that he had received 39 emails with respect to the emergency slow – no wake zone rule and that approximately 80% of the emails supported the emergency rule.  Mr. Swanson then read a letter from Jim Dandrea regarding the damage to the shoreline from the high water levels and support for a slow – no wake ordinance.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.



                                                Joe Lepley



Pat Beithon

Acting Secretary