Happy Fall to everyone.  The ptc is in full swing with wonderful things coming up.


*First of all; a thank you goes out to all who donated items and time to man the booth at Riverfest. Despite the rainy weather the ptc did o.k. with their fundraising.


*The fall fundraiser with Charleston Wrap will end this week on October 10.This is a big fundraiser for the ptc so please get your orders in. The angry bird is waiting for someone with the biggest sales, who will it be?


*The Harvest Arts Festival is coming up. Mary Bagley heads this up if you would like to help out.  The theme is Literacy and Writing along with Poetry.  If you have any contacts in this area who might be willing to help run a session please let her know. The date for this festival is November 2.


*Margarita’s Night is on Veteran’s Day. Coupons will be coming home soon that will enable us to get a certain percentage from each purchase. This is a great little fundraiser and so much fun. Families were able to sit together and have a meal which in turn helps the ptc. Last year I brought my extra coupons to the restaurant and was able to pass them out to other patrons. Many people were happy to use them.


*The Holiday Bazaar is coming up on December 1.  Erin Rossignol is heading up this project. She has approximately 7 vendors so far to present their wares.  The vendors will have items on site to sell. The vendors will pay $25.00 for a table and all sales will be theirs. There will be an area of the bazaar where children may go to purchase items for others. All items in this area will be sold for $1.00.  We are looking for items to fill this area; if you have any donations please contact Erin or possibly drop the items off at school.  There will also be a bake sale with items such as chili, soups, breads and baked goods. If you would like to cook some items please let Erin know.


*Movie Night will happen again this year to say THANK YOU to all the people; parents, students and staff for helping out with the fundraiser and other ptc events. The students are currently voting on which movie they would like to have.  A Christmas tree raffle and movie raffle will be part of the festivities.


*February 15 will be Winter Wellness Day at school.  Volunteers will be needed for this event.  More to come later.


*Jen Meserve, a third grade teacher at OTES is working on a writing center and has come to us for some possible help in manning a food booth at the middle school during basketball games.  She would also like some volunteers to make baked goods for sale.  We are in hopes that this activity will get on the volunteer spot to make it easier.  All proceeds would go towards the purchase of writing center materials.  If the goal is met we will be the first school in Maine to have a writing center like this. Cool. The dates of the basketball games have not been made official yet; she will let us know when they come out.


*K-5 Science Night is in the works for April 23 (Tuesday).  Any volunteers who have a science background and would like to run a learning area for the evening can contact Chrisanne Blackie for more details.


*The Giving Tree is in progress. A parent and teacher letter will go out when it is finished so that everyone will know how to best utilize such a wonderful project.


*Mrs. Mayer is working on the author visit and has narrowed it down to a selected few with their costs.


*The first box top collection time is here. Please send in any box tops that you may have.  The official closing date for the first deadline is Oct. 24.


*My Coke Rewards Program was mentioned, but the school is not registered.  We should look into this.


*A Maine vs. Vermont Basketball Game has been offered as a fundraiser to the school. This will be a raffle that includes v.i.p. parking, refreshments and a sky box for the evening. A flyer will soon be coming home with raffle tickets attached. The date of the game is Jan. 22.